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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Experiences

As we head into year 2017

 New Hopes
New Dreams
New Challenges
New Experiences
New Projects

Lego City, Brickmania, Minneapolis, Minnesota
 January 16, 2017 was one of my first New Experiences.
I attended an Active Shooter Class / Exercise.

Barron County Sheriff's Department teaches the class.
I was nervous going into the class, a new experience for sure. We were taught what it is like to have a shooter in a building, or a room full of people and what to do.
The training consisted of studying  recent shootings and learning from them. We reviewed Orlando and Virginia Tech.
What can you do if you are in that situation, how can you help your friends and how can you reach a safe zone. We went over how going on lockdown, is not the safest thing to do. Getting out is the best plan, if you are able. If you are not able, try to fight back. One of the things I learned that really stuck with me, was to use stuff as a weapon.  Throw a laptop, phone, stapler, anything to give your family time to run. 

The last exercise that we did was a shooter in the building. Some one had an air gun, with soft bullets. With this exercise the shooter really shoots the soft bullets, the sound of gun fire is all around. It was difficult to figure what direction the sound was coming from. It defiantly gave a real feeling and scared me.

The goal is to get out with your friends and family. 
I am happy to report, our team made it out. Our floor made it out as well, with only one person shot in the leg. The 3rd floor had three shot, one in the arm and two in the leg. (not really wounded, just the sting of the soft bullet) The Sheriff's Department was proud of us for passing. That is what they would like to see, no casualties, get people out to safety. The most dangerous thing to do is try to hide and freeze. Running and throwing things is the best thing. Another tip, I learned was to knock down tables, chairs, and pull fire alarms as you run. It will disorientate the shooter.

I am thankful for have taken the class. I pray that I never am in such a situation. If I am, I feel like I would be able to help get people to safety.

I appreciated our Sheriff's Department care in helping us understand the reality of what is out in this world, and how we can help prepare ourselves.

With that...let us not think about tonight's news...instead...
Happy Thoughts

 ♥ Helping celebrate a 92 year old's birthday!! Irene is still active and in great health. She always make me smile with her humor. And you would never know she is 92!

 ♥ Snail Mail .... receiving  a surprise letter from a blog friend.

♥ The Full Moon!

 ♥ Feeding the birds and having wild bunnies visit under the bird feeder.

♥ Watching my boys anticipation grow and grow for the fun weekend they enjoyed.



  1. Thank you for this. It is interesting info we can use, and could save someone's life. I did not know ANY of this!! I wish there were more classes like his, at least two in every state.Your Lego picture is so cool! When the picture was loading I thought it was an arial view of a real city!

  2. I love that Lego display...I vividly remember stepping on them some odd 30 years ago!

    The classes...whatever they are called I'm not sure...my daughter has had them as a H.S. teacher. A Safe Zone in the classroom where no one can see you in the room. Doors that automatically lock from the outside, not in. They have buzzers direct to the office as well as lights outside the classrooms. When I'm in a store or restaurant, I used to look for an exit in case of a fire. Now I look for the best places to hide. It's just the way the world will be. Whether we like it or not, we err to the safe side.

    On to 2017 and making it the best!

    Jane xxx

  3. Hi, I am thankful for the Sheriff's Dept. offering this course.
    I hope you guys will have a lovely day.

  4. Thank you for sharing what you learned at that informative class. It's a terrifying thought but to know some survival strategies is very helpful!! I loved all of your happy thoughts!

  5. Thanks for sharing Carla. It is so sad that we have to think about things like this in life but it is the reality of the world we live in. Glad you could take this class and learn some important survival tips. Let's just hope you never have to use them. Have a good week.

  6. Well that was a very important and interesting class you took!

  7. This was so informative, Carla! I'm glad you shared these tips with us. I can see it would feel scary and lifelike! Glad the boys had a nice weekend. :-))

  8. That sounds like a great class to participate in and definitely frightening. I think it is so sad that we have to consider these things as we travel and visit different places...love and hugs!!

  9. ....or if you live in the South have a concealed carry license.
    Thanks for sharing these pointers with us. You might help save lives through sharing!

    Schools are particularly vulnerable due to the no weapons policy, but some school districts down here are training teachers with weapons. I do think it will be a deterrent.

  10. It is good to have drills and be prepared. I had to go through many trainings when I was a coordinator for adult group homes for people with severe disabilities. Planning ahead of time is wise because emergencies will come up.

  11. How nice that your sheriff department offered this class. The simulation sounds a bit un-nerving, but definitely good experience.
    Wasn't that moon beautiful?!

  12. It is really sad to think we have to prepare for things like that, isn't it? Kind of like going back to pioneer days when you never know who is going to be assaulting someone else so you need to be prepared to run or fight. Just sad. We have been warned working at the VA that we might be targets, too. And...I sit right inside the front of the building at an open desk where people check in. Kind of scary to think about that...

    I am glad you followed up with some HAPPY for the day! Hope you have a Happy Wednesday night- xo Diana

  13. What a scary world we live in...but what a great idea to take a class and be prepared. I am sharing this post with my family. And I love all of your happy, especially the mention of bunnies! It's impossible to say the word and not smile!! :)

  14. Happy thoughts, indeed. I hope you never have to fact such a situation in reality. Enjoy the birthday and the weekend!

  15. Wow- you're off and running this year! Your training sounds scary but so important to be prepared! I love that you've spotted Wild 🐰 bunnies and what you wrote about your boys adventures makes my heart so happy. You're an amazing Mom and friend!

  16. Your blog is great. A new year brings you and your family new happiness.

  17. I have never heard of the general public taking a class like that. What a great way to teach, hands on is always best! And how exciting that your team was able to make it out safely! These things are so scary to think about them happening, but it is better to be prepared and have it mentally thought through on what to do.

    I liked your "happy" at the end! So awesome that you got to celebrate your friends 92nd birthday, what a great milestone to reach! Funny, we had a neighbor named Irene celebrate her 90th birthday this year :)

    And re snail mail, I received your very sweet and thoughtful card in the mail! It meant so much to my family and I to read your words, and I do appreciate the card, thoughts and your note so much! Thanks again for taking the time to send us the card :)

    Hugs to you today dear friend, praying the Lord blesses your weekend :)

  18. Lego city looks beautiful...

  19. My goodness, that was certainly an interesting experience. Sad that in this day and age, you need to know how to survive an incident like that, but a great idea in training people in a semi real life scenario. I hope you never have to live through a real one.

  20. I know many UK schools not only have 'fire drills' but now have 'lock-down drills' for want of another name. In these uncertain times it is best for all of us to be prepared ...

    Interesting to read your post here though, especially your happy thoughts,thank you.

    All the best Jan


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