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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Weather

My sister lives in Merrill, Wisconsin. She called this morning to let us know they are okay. I decided to blog a few of the You Tube Videos to give an idea of what the storm looked liked. She has trees down and power lines down at her home. Her house is okay and she is looking at the rest of the property. Her friends are not doing as well. One had her home damaged and her cat was killed. The dairy farm she worked at as some damage as well, but fared out better then the farm next door. The farm next door has major damage, several buildings are completely destroyed.
When something like this happens we always help each other. I remember when we had a bad storm in 2001. People were out helping clean up the roads and making sure everyone was okay. Even though we look at this as bad and sad. I also end up feeling good inside when I listen to the stories of how we all pitched in and helped each another. It makes me proud to be American, we are a good people. We work hard to get back on our feet! Sending a message to Merrill...you will be back on your feet soon. Hang in there! 

But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will be able to rise up as an eagle in the sky. They will run without needing rest. They will walk without becoming tired. Isaiah 40:31

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