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Friday, June 7, 2013

On the Road Friday to Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area

Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area offers 707 acres of preserved and Locationrestored wooded hills, wetlands, and prairie traversed with hiking and cross-country ski trails. A 60-foot-high observation tower crowns one of the highest points in Dunn County, offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, especially in autumn. Hoffman Hills is also an excellent bird watching area.

We recently took a trip to Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area  located in Dunn County, Wisconsin.

We enjoyed the beautiful hike to the 60 foot high observation tower. The view up top is well worth the steps.

Going up, up and up.
The beauty at the top!

Spring beauty.

 We hope to visit again during the autumn colors!
Amazing beauty, that we are blessed with to enjoy.
 Weeping Willows, one of my very favorite trees. 
For more information on Hoffman Hills,  click here

Thank you for coming along today!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Beautiful! Never heard of it. I asked Kevin, 'Have you ever heard of Hoffman Hills??' He proceeded to tell me all about it. What??! Why has he kept this a secret? I'm going there this summer!

  2. Hi Carla.. Your pics are lovely and can just imagine the fall colors of autumn..
    Weeping willows are one of my faves, too.. And so easy to grow..
    Take care..

  3. You take the nicest trips! That must have been wonderful to experience...except for all those steps up the tower! =)

  4. I love weeping willows. What a cool view. Sure to be beautiful in the fall. We like Dunn county because of be Caddie Woodlawn books.


High Fives from Wisconsin!