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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pink Snow

It was snowing...it was snowing pink snow!
 I just love our crab apple tree. Each year it blesses us with beautiful flowers and a romantic fragrance.
After a week or so, we receive pink snow.
 I just love the green and pink.
 I was starting to get carried away taking photos.
"It is just so pretty", I continued to say.
 Our crab apple tree.


  1. Don't you just love it! So pretty, and such a small window of opportunity to get those photos!

  2. Now that's the kind of snow I would look forward to. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Very pretty pink snow. Love your pictures.

  4. The pink snow is cool looking on the grass. So pretty but so short lived. I always try to sit on my deck to enjoy mine since I know they don't last long.


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