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Monday, December 2, 2013


 Hello Friends,
Did you have a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving?

We enjoyed time with family. It was wonderful.
Each Thanksgiving I am in charge of the table decorations.

 This garden season my sister grew white pumpkins. She had a fabulous crop and needed to share. She kind of had white pumpkins like some folks have zucchini. 

I painted MOD PODGE on the top part of the pumpkin and sprinkled gold glitter on.
I used just the first initial of our name for the name tag. 

 All set.

And now for the wishbone. This is not our turkey wishbone, we forgot it at my parents. I made chicken  dumpling soup this weekend and decided to let the chicken wishbone be the star in this blog post. :-)

Do you keep the wishbone? Do you have a family tradition on when or who gets to break the wishbone?

For the past years our boys are the lucky ones to snap the wishbone.

What was your wish?


  1. You put such a beautiful touch on the squash, I love it! Such memories you brought back with the wish bone... It's been so many years since my sister and I would do that. I will have to remember to save the next one.

  2. Your little pumpkins are very pretty. When I was a kid we always fought over who got the wish bone. I don't think any of my wishes came true...

  3. Those pumpkins are soooo cute! I love what you did with them. Very creative :)

  4. Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Love the little white pumpkins. What a festive addition to the table. I have no idea what happened to our wishbone...huh?

  5. Love your creative pumpkins. They look adorable. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We have lots of snow. We checked out our ski gear from our community ski program this week. Plenty of snow, but it's too cold for me to want to ski yet. Wimpy, I know.


High Fives from Wisconsin!