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Friday, February 13, 2015

On the Road Friday ~ Black River, Superior, Wisconsin

Welcome, to On the Road Friday, today is the day we take a little trip. We are going to hike down to the Black River in Northern Wisconsin. 

 Sit and relax as we hike on a frozen river. Yes, we are going to hike on a frozen river. And your are saying,"Carla, that does not look frozen, with water gushing!"

The Black River is located in Northern Wisconsin. The Black River is called Mucudewa Sebbe in Ojibwa, which means "black" or "dark". The root beer tint of the water comes from tannin leached from the decaying leaves and roots of vegetation along the river's path.

 The Great Explorers.

The river bank.

 On a river island.

 Ice formations.

Tracks...of more crazy people hiking on a frozen river.

 Cracks in the ice.

 My brave dog, Molly, the Boston Terrier.

Thank you for joining us for a river walk.

If you visit Pattison State Park, Wisconsin. Take the Big Falls Hiking trail to get down to the river. It is a beautiful trail in all seasons.



  1. That sounds a little (a lot) scary!! I love the photos and I'll live vicariously through you for this trip! :)

  2. Great post, Carla! I love Pattison State Park but haven't been there for quite a few years and never in the winter. I'd be scared to death to have my dog out on the ice on a flowing river. Shudder. Is the Black River there the same Black River that goes through Black River Falls? Your post makes me happy to stay indoors next to the fire. Lol

  3. Such a gorgeous place to visit. Happy Valentine's Day my friend.

  4. That looks like another beautiful place to visit!

  5. Wow - stunning photos, I am learning so much about Wisconsin through your blog.

  6. You live in an absolutely stunning part of the country. I think that it's great that you guys get out and enjoy it all types of weather!

  7. Oh my! I don't know how many layers I would have to wear to go hiking there right now! I don't think I have enough clothes! It sure is beautiful though! Happy Valentine's Day to you sweet friend! xox, Diane

  8. Oh my, you wouldn't catch me walking on that frozen river. It looks too dangerous.
    You are adventurers at heart. Stay safe...


  9. Sorry I almost fell through what I thought was a frozen river in my 20's..so I won't ever do that again. The pics are pretty though. Janice

  10. So pretty, and interesting about the tannin. The Mississippi is the only river I have ever lived close to, and I have never been comfortable walking on it's ice. Many due, and even take cars and other transportation out there. I think I would try your river though, that looks a little bit more my speed :)

  11. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your hike!

  12. Hi Carla, Love these pics and Molly is so cute! We had an ice storm here in GA and were without power for 50 hours this week. So happy to take a hot bath and drink hot coffee this a.m.! Hope you guys had a sweet Valentine's Day.

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High Fives from Wisconsin!