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Monday, February 2, 2015

Catch the Sun

 Catch the Sun
Jessica over at Barefoot by the Sea Click Here featured her sun catchers a few weeks ago. My boys decided to give this idea a try. They enjoyed it and made four different sun catchers.

What You Need
A pie plate
A glass to set in the center of the pie plate
Bits of nature 
Strong string
Cold temps (we will have plenty of that in Wisconsin this week)

 Gather your materials. 
Fill your pan with water.
Place your nature, cranberries, orange peel or other fun ideas in your pie plate.
We made ours outside. We used a tin pie plate.  We filled the pie plate with water. We set our glass in the middle and then decorated it. We added pine, pine cones and cranberries in our first sun catchers. In the second, we used cranberries and oranges. 
We let them sit over night, the next day we popped them out of the tin pie plate. 
We pulled our string through the hole and hung our pretty sun catchers up.

 Cranberries, pine and pine cones.

 Cranberries and oranges.

A fun surprise for us is seeing the birds land on the sun catchers and pick at the berries.
The sun glowing in the sun catcher is beautiful too.
A fun, simple idea to enjoy Winter's beauty.


  1. What a lovely idea!

  2. Love your suncatchers! Yay, boys! My birdbath is frozen this morning down here in southwest Louisiana, but a suncatcher wouldn't last long down here. It warms up fast. Love the photo shot with the house/barn in the center of the suncatcher! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. A neat idea to feed the birds in winter. it's so cold here that the sun catcher would not melt for a long while.

  4. I remember making these with the kids! Yours are beautiful!

  5. I love these! I'm going to tell my grandkids that live where it's cold about them. Maybe they would enjoy making them, too! Stay warm this week! Hugs, Diane PS Thanks for the D A comment...I think Marigold is a sweet name for a little girl, don't you? Of course we both have BOYS! heehee! Hugs!!!

  6. Oh Carla.. I loved them.. I must make a couple .. I have made some in milk containers but not pie plates.. Much easier, I think... Thanks, luv.. xo

  7. The boys made wonderful sun catchers! I can only imagine how happy the birds will be :) Hoping you are able to catch some pictures of the birds enjoying them!

  8. Up until now I only knew that you could catch dreams - and now the sun as well! A wonderful idea and your boys did a great job.

  9. You know how much I love these! They came out great and I love the cranberry / orange one you did! So pretty!

  10. Ooooh, we are gonna make some of these!

  11. I taught for a long time and I never saw a catcher/ feeder like this one. What a great idea!

  12. what a neat idea. Love that it doubles as a bird feeder.


High Fives from Wisconsin!