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Friday, May 15, 2015

On the Road Friday ~ The Dock Coffee, Spooner, Wisconsin

It is time for a road trip.
A few weeks ago a dear friend and her four boys and me with my two boys went on a little adventure. One of our many stops was to The Dock Coffee a new coffee shop in Spooner, Wisconsin. We were not just visiting to have a cup of coffee, but to also check out something fun my husband helped design at The Dock Coffee.

 The owners of The Dock Coffee, also work at Smithco West Inc. the same company my husband works at. My husband is an engineer at Smithco and helped design a couple items at The Dock Coffee.
This is what my boys were all excited to see when we went to visit the coffee shop.
My husband helped design the counter.

 I love this sign. I would not mind having one for my house.
The owners son painted this sign.

Another shot of the counter.
The black and white photo you see are the owners children sitting on the dock.

 Several beautiful antiques.

 Smithco also helped design and make the railing and banister.

 And now for the real fun part of this trip. 
We are so proud of my husband to be part of this. The boys and I got to meet the owners. They are so appreciative of the support. They gave us a glass for my husband.
The boys were so excited to show it to daddy when we got home.

 If you are traveling to Spooner, Wisconsin be sure to stop in at The Dock Coffee. My boys had a smoothie and a malt. I had a mocha. Yummy!

Thank you for coming along today, on an extra special trip.

Have a great weekend.



  1. My kind of place! I love that sign too and the counter is really cool!!

  2. What a really cool place. I like their style...especially that picture and the sign. The counter is really neat. I bet your kids got a real kick out of the experience. It sounds likes a fun reason for a road trip!

  3. Looks like a great place for a cuppa coffee! And super counter design! Have a great weekend! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. How cool is that place! I would hang that sign in my house too!

  5. What a great, fun place. I clicked on the link. Did you enter the photo contest? I know you guys enjoyed seeing your husband's designs in person. I would love this place!

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  7. I'd certainly stop by for a coffee ... great post Carla

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

  8. Your husband designed a cool counter, easy to clean. Love the sign and that old stove. It's a beauty.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Your husband did a wonderful job. The counter is smooth and seamless and has a timeless look. I love the whole place! So much fun to look at. Also the cool mixture of the old and new. I love the old stove with the flavored waters on it. What is upstairs?

  10. This is beyond cool Carla! What a fun place to hang out! Your husband does amazing work! It's wonderful that he does something so many people enjoy :)

  11. Wow.. Lovely and such talent.. Looks great.. xo

  12. What a great place to visit, I wish that we had more coffee shops around here with that interesting kind of character.

    Great counter!!


  13. There is nothing like a nice adventure with friends.

  14. What a fun day! Love you guys!

  15. How wonderful! Looks like a great place to visit and fun for your family to be VIPs. :)

  16. What a fun place! We will definitely stop through when we make our trip up north this year! I really love the sign with all the drinks. I am a novice when it comes to these drinks, and am trying to learn, but I LOVE the description. Perfect and fun!

  17. It's really neat, and a great trip for the boys. It looks both rustic and industrial. xoox Su

  18. What a cool little coffee shop, Carla. That's great that your husband helped design the countertop there. I bet your boys were so glad to see the project their dad worked on. I love that old antique piece, it's gorgeous.

    I think it's wonderful that you took a road trip with your boys. Have a terrific week.


  19. What a fun coffee shop Carla! And so cool that Mr. River designed that neat counter! I have a chalk board you can have, and you and the boys can make a sign like that one! Clever sign, isn't it!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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