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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Five Minuets and the African Violet

If you have been reading The River for awhile, you know I deliver Meals on Wheels. My schedule is I deliver meals two weeks on and two weeks off. I share my route with another driver, his name is Doug. I have been delivering for one year and seven months.

 I deliver to 14 lovely people. Each has a different situation.
Some are sad.
Some are heartwarming.
Some are inspiring.

I am at each house about five minuets. Maybe a bit more if I have the time to visit a little more before heading to my next stop.
That five minuets means so much. Not just to my 14 people that I deliver to, but to me too.

I deliver to a father.  His children take turns caring for him. Each family member stays a day and night with him. They care for his needs with the help from home health care and other.
He gets a nutritious meal each day delivered by Meals on Wheels. 

My visits are a highlight for me, because I not only enjoy seeing him, I enjoy visiting with his daughter. We have found we have much in common. We visit about gardening, cooking, family and the weather. 
She was busy transplanting African Violets the other day. She asked if I would like two. I did.

Meals on Wheels is a service to many. 
Meals on Wheels is MUCH more to many as well. It is a relationship, it is spreading LOVE with a smile, time and listening ear.



  1. This was such a precious post, my friend. I was very touched by your words and I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your work. What a special thing you do!

    Happy day to you! Hugs

  2. You are such a kind and giving person but I'm sure you get a lot back from your visits too! My mom always had great luck with African violets. I love them!

  3. Your ending photo is hilarious, and I am laughing out loud!! I hope more people volunteer after reading this. Our church does Meals on Wheels, and it is so hard to get people to sign up. African violets. To me, they seem to be the most controversial of all the houseplants. So many people say how hard they are to raise. But then I have a couple friends who have them and say they are very easy! I have never known what to believe.

  4. Really, that picture is STILL making me laugh. You have MADE my entire day. During such a struggle, this is just what I need!!

  5. You are a kind soul and so generous with your time. 14 is a lot of meals to deliver. I'm so glad that you got two African Violets as a gift from a grateful daughter of one of your customer. You'll be great at growing them. They are actually very easy to grow. Good luck with them.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. What a wonderful post. My parents had meals on wheels for a short while last summer when my mum, who is caring for my dad, was recovering from an operation, it really helped them through a difficult time xx

  7. Your job is so important in so many ways.

  8. You are a very sweet and generous soul, Carla. Of course, I already knew that...xo

  9. My Mum dos meals on wheels in New Zealand, and says that for some people she is the only visitor they see that day. Love your african violets.

  10. That is such a gift you give to folks, Carla. Bless you. I've never delivered Meals on Wheels, but my husband did for a while. I know he found it rewarding, too. And I know the recipients appreciate it. :)

  11. You are my hero Carla. What a great gift you give to others in need and look how much it gives back to you.
    You are an angel to so many. Your kind soul is reaching out to 14 people that could not have a good meal without you. Thank you for helping these peeps out. God bless you. Have a good evening.
    Hugs and more Hugs,

  12. Our church volunteers for this important organization, but I've never driven. One reason is because when our church started it, I was driving a car that was too small, but now I could participate because I'm driving a larger one! I love African violets. What a thoughtful gift!

  13. What a sweet post. I know how lucky they are to have you deliver their meals. Enjoy your African Violets!

  14. You are the nicest person, Carla, but I already knew that. And I love that last photo. I also love African Violets and even manage to keep them alive :-)

  15. Such an inspiring post Carla. It’s always beneficial to both the receiver AND giver of charitible acts, as you know.

    I’ve never been lucky with African Violets. They are certainly pretty though!

  16. I don't know how I missed this post?! It is such a wonderful thing you do, for people in need to get the nutritious meal, living in rural Wisconsin. You are a blessing to so many!

  17. Such a special gift for the people you deliver to and for you, through those you meet. It’s amazing how our lives place is in rewarding situations and bring special people into our lives. ❤️ I’m aure you bring much happiness to those 14 people and their families!

  18. Such a wonderful post ...
    You do a most special thing ...
    God Bless.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!