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Friday, April 20, 2018

Tips for Keeping Lilac Bouquets

Spring has sprung in some parts of the U.S.A.
With that I am going to share a post I did last spring. 
Lilac bouquets are a favorite of mine, but they do not last very long.
Last spring I did a little experimenting, I found a few techniques to help prolong the life of the bouquet. 

Tips for Lilac Bouquets 
Do you love the smell of lilacs? You want that wonderful romantic smell next to  you on your nightstand. You go out and pick your bouquet of lilacs and soon after they are droopy and the flowers wilt. I will share with you a few tips to keep lilac bouquets.

Lilacs need hydration. When you go outside to pick your lilac, take a bucket of cold water with you. As you pick your lilac, put the flower heads into the cold water. I know it may seem strange at first, but go ahead and dunk those lilac.

 When you get inside, again, put your lilac in a sink of cold water.

 Next up, is step two, stems.
Boil some water and fill a mug with boiling water.
Dunk the woody stem into the water.
Then take a hammer and pound the stem.

What you are doing is helping the woody stem be able to drink the water in the vase.

 Here you can see the woody stem opened to drink water while in the vase.

Your lilacs are now ready for you to create your bouquet.
Lilacs can be put into a vase with other flowers and greens.
Watch you water level in your vase. Lilacs can drink up quickly and you will need to add fresh water with in the day.


  1. That's such a good tip! I know I've done that for forsythia twigs and blooms, too. Enjoy your day! Hope the sun is shining there and flowers start to bloom! Hugs!

  2. So happy to read this informative post again. I knew about hammering stems and hot water treatment but wasn't sure in what order it was done as heard of this tip ages ago from a florist and never tried it. I didn't know about dunking the whole bouquet in water. I can't wait for the tulips to bloom.
    Thanks for this. Hugs, Julia

  3. That's great advice. I love lilac's but they don't grow in Southern CA. I miss them. I lived in Illinois for 38 years, enjoyed lilac's and forsythias.

  4. Wow Lilac are my favorite and I did not know these tips. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lovely bouquets. Those are good tips for keeping them hydrated. Hope your family has a nice weekend.

  6. I will have to remember this, in case my little lilac bush survives after it's in the ground. It has been blooming in the greenhouse and smells wonderful. Now I've got to pick a spot to plant it. Sure hope spring reaches everyone soon.

  7. The smell is heavenly, but too much for my allergies inside.

  8. I am so excited for our lilacs to bloom, and I will be using your tips to enjoy them indoors!

  9. I just love lilacs ...
    This is a very helpful post, thank-you.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  10. I LOVE LILACS SO MUCH! My grandmother's house was surrounded. Now I don't have any but I really need to plant some so I can enjoy them year after year. Thank you for these tips! I remember our neighbors gave me a bunch of lilacs on my doorstep when I brought Riley home. They bring back such sweet memories!

  11. That is new for me! Thank you so much. I have seen white ones here.


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