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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Black Widows and Ghosts

Hello Friends and right in the middle of October we might as well talk about Black Widow Spiders and Ghosts! How on earth did I get on this subject you may wonder .. well let me explain.

We are making our travel plans to head down for Sam's Basic Training Graduation in November. We will be staying in a cabin on Fort Jackson property, Weston Lake Recreation Area and Campground for three nights of our travel. I shared with Sam the exciting news of where we will be staying.

In the letter that we received from him Tuesday he shared the following ..

"The Drill Sergeants warned us about Black Widow Spiders and "Jakes" which is the Army nickname for snakes.  South Carolina has quite a lot of Black Widows apparently, so they warned us about sticking our hands in certain places that we could not see in properly" Really Spooky!"

Sam continues, "There are Rattle Snakes and Copperheads down here too, but Jackson is apparently known for it Black Widow population." 

I set Sam's letter down and  looked at my husband, he knows I am deadly afraid of spiders. That is why I live where it gets -40 degrees in the winter, we do not have such things as poisonous snakes and spiders. We have WINTER and it keeps them all away. 

"Black Widow Spiders! I am staying in a cabin! In the woods, with Black Widow Spiders!" .. that is me wide eyed saying the above to my husband.

The letter from sweet son continues ..
"Apparently, the woods of Fort Jackson are haunted by Civil War ghosts. The places we camped at last night is said to be a location of sightings and such. So, depending on where you camp.. you might see and hear some spooks. The Drill Sergeants also confirm the haunts."

I googled to see if all this silliness could be ..

Fort Jackson

More than one entity is said to haunt the site that trains over 50% of our army’s bravest. Many have seen a female soldier, identifiable by the distinctive hole in her helmet (and the hard-to-ignore detail that she’s a ghost), who occasionally appears in the latrine where she passed away. Others have reported hearing disembodied female voices accompanied by humming. Additionally, in the B Company 369th AG Barracks, numerous soldiers have spotted a shadowy male figure who moves about from room to room as they sleep. Like anyone can get any sleep with a paranormal being looming above them.


Goodness ...

I will take this!

We are so excited for our trip South. We have not traveled to the Carolina's or Georgia. We are looking forward to our Southern Adventure in November, spiders, snakes, ghosts and all, here we come! 





  1. Oh my goodness, Carla, who needs Halloween when you got all that. Just bring a witch costume and you'll fit right in. Kidding aside, the black widow spiders are not to be taken lightly. I'd bring my can of spider spray with me if I went. They could even get in your boots. I hope you have fun even with all this spookiness.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I just read Julia comment...put your shoes in a bag. I would take some peppermint oil and wipe it around . If you are driving there...pack a big can of Raid spider spray. Yes. I would probably spray my car and anything I was bring home. LOL. Maybe have some repellent . Be safe and hug that sweet boy. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oooh that was an eerie blog title! That sounds like it will be an adventure and of course SAM is worth all of the scary stuff!! Eek!

  4. Oh MY! I am terrified of both spiders and snakes as well. I cannot even get close enough to spiders to kill them. It is called Arachnophobia. But I think you will be fine as long as you leave any alone. Perhaps they will not bite unless threatened. In the meantime, I am praying for you to have a safe trip, and return home unharmed. Your return post should be so interesting and exciting!!

  5. Well, it sounds as though you will definitely have an interesting visit. Black widow spiders and water moccasin snakes (cottonmouths) are really bad in Jacksonville, FL (where my boys live). We have rattlesnakes, brown recluse spiders and copperheads here in TX. I hate all of these things. The ghost stories and hauntings will make you forget about the snakes and spiders!!

  6. Oh my Carla. Ok I am deathly afraid of spiders too. I always say when someone has a spider in their house to burn the house down!!!!! So you may have to burn the cabin down if you see any spiders. The only bad spider we have in Illinois is the brown recluse and they are pretty rare. I could not stay there I would have to stay in a hotel for fear of a spider. You are so brave my friend. I am sure with getting to see Sam after all this time it will all be worth it.

  7. Well you might have some very interesting tales to tell us on your return. Have fun, will be lovely for you to see Sam again.

  8. Well, actually northern black widows are native to Wisconsin. And, sorry to freak you out, but Wisconsin is home to more than 500 species of spiders, including black widows and brown recluses. We also have water moccasins, rattlesnakes, bears, wolves, and cougars. So...S. Carolina probably isn't that much more dangerous than home. Enjoy your time with your family!

  9. Oh my, please be careful. I am sure everything will be fine but I totally understand your fears.

  10. hahaha copperheads aren't for sissies! I'd be more worried about them! But it's almost time for them to hibernate.

  11. I hope you have a wonderful visit! I know you’re very much looking forward to it and I’m sure he’s missed you terribly. As for the snakes, spiders and ghosts - I’m with you! Stay where it gets too cold to see them. Maybe we have a few but they aren’t all over the place and I’ll keep it that way! Safe travels and be careful! xo

  12. OH my goodness! I am glad you will not be there on Halloween!

  13. Goodness me … Hurricanes, Spiders, Snakes and Ghosts

    But, I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip South.

    All the best Jan


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