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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Keep Your Sweet Spirit

My Garden!

Hello my Friends,
At first I was not going to share this.. then I was going to go into full detail.. then I went back to I am not going to share this.. back and forth.

Blogging friends have been there for me, during sending off our first born to Basic training, to saying prayers during my dad's heart attack and so much more. I knew I needed to send out what is bothering me to all of you and the prayer I received from a dear friend.

Thursday, March 7th, I helped with my son's Warrbird Sporting Clay's team banquet. I have done this for the past three years, this being my fourth.
Each year I register those attending and I cashier as the silent auction is closed.

This year three men got into an argument behind me at the cash bar. I have no idea if they were drunk, if they hated each other or both.  My helper and I looked at each other .. we had no idea what to do. The bartender just let it go on. We continued to cash out the silent auction. 
It got worse.. they began to talk in such an awful way and moved closer to the table. 
Then one of them shouted over our cashier table to another table. 

Others just ignored what they shouted.

I had my chance to leave the cashier table when I was asked to help audit the evenings earnings.

You may be wondering "why did someone not do something?"

All I can answer is, I have no idea. 
For me I was busy cashiering and the men began to bash women so badly, that I was fearful if I did turn around and say something.
 For others, I am not sure if they had any idea how to handle the situation.

After the night was over, I cried. I shared everything with my husband. He was across the banquet hall helping with a raffle. He noticed it was very loud over in my area, but could not make out what was going on. I asked him if I am too sensitive? Should I be bothered by this? He said "Yes, NO ONE should have to hear what the three men were saying. All of it was wrong!"

I was shocked at how awful people can act at a banquet for young people. I was shocked at the language, the hate and sadly it turned towards hate of women. 
This is probably why my co worker of the event and I just kept our head low and finished cashiering the people in the line. I got out as soon as I had the opportunity.

The reason I am posting this story is I was so upset. I was saddened that society can be so awful. And why do this at a benefit for a youth program.

Yes, I know it is an ugly world out there. 

I do try to find the good in it daily. Thankfully it is not that hard in my little spot in the world. I have special friends, a wonderful blog community, special people I deliver Meals on Wheels, a great family and I could go on. 

I shared this story with my dear friend Monday. I was still so upset. She said something very special to me "Carla, do not let this destroy your sweet spirit. Keep your sensitivity, keep your sweetness of life, do not let that be taken away from you."

But courage, child: 
we are all between the paws
 of the true Aslan.
~ C.S. Lewis
The Last Battle
It's a funny old world we live in these days, I too encourage you to keep your sweet spirit.


  1. Dear Carla, I'm so sorry that you and your friend have had this awful experience while you volunteered at a youth banquet. The words your heard cannot be taken away. They cut at the heart like a sword. I don't know what to say. These men were obviously were filled with evil spirits to degrade women like that in a public place.
    Too bad some other decent men in the crowd didn't stopped them. I feel sorry for any women who have to deal with them. I think all we can do is to pray for them.

    I hope that they didn't steal your peace.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oh Carla - I am sorry you experienced this! That is awful! I volunteer at a lot of events and unusually altercations are due to way too much alcohol consumption. There needs to be security so that yo can call them over if necessary! Scary times we live in! Hugs to you for that horrible display you heard and witnessed! Annster's Domain

  3. I'm so sorry you had to experience something like this and that these men chose to make a spectacle of themselves in front of others. I think sometimes the reason we, and others, choose to stay out of the way is because of the violence we experience in our society. If you had said something during the heat of their argument, what would be gained if one of them pulled a gun and shot you? As crazy as it sounds, it does happen all the time and unfortunately, that is how I sometimes measure my involvement...by wondering if that person is armed and what will the end result be. While it is not good to stay silent, I feel that we have to pick and choose our battles and pray over the situation...and to keep our sweet spirit and joy. Maybe the opportunity will arise for you to see one of these men again, individually, and then it might be the right time to voice your concern...during the calm after the storm! Love and hugs to you!

  4. So sorry that happened to you. I believe you did the right thing, getting involved would have been worse. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I also pray that these men can have a change of heart.

  5. A wonderful post for sure, Carla. Yes, the world is beautiful. But I must admit that at times I wonder if the world would be even more beautiful and perfect with NO people in it. In my 70 years, I have seen the world get more and more evil, things we could never even have imagined back in the 50's. And it is our choice to become hardened and jaded, or try to bring all of the light we can into the world. It is not what happens,but how we react to it that defines us. What a sad thing you had to go through.

  6. I am just so sorry that this happened to you Carla.
    Somehow the world we live in is not in step with each other, and I prayer that things will improve. I do my best, in my little corner of the world to show kindness and thoughtfulness, and I know many others do to.

    I think what your friend said was perfect,
    "Carla, do not let this destroy your sweet spirit. Keep your sensitivity, keep your sweetness of life, do not let that be taken away from you."


    My very good wishes to you

    All the best Jan

  7. Hi Carla,
    I am sorry this happened. I can totally see how this would upset you. I always feel things happen like this to teach us something. I am sure it was not to teach you that there is ugly in this world and hate but it was to show you to trust that the kindness and special thing you were doing for the youth program meant more. With you knowing what you were witnessing was wrong you could to continue to see the good in what you were doing and that was what was more important. I feel sad for people that would act like that at a good cause. In the midst of bad things there is always blessings. They certainly were in the wrong but I am glad it did not get way out of control and something really awful would come of that fighting. Maybe by others not giving them attention and letting it go was a better choice and then it did not escalade into something worse. With that said I know it had to be very hard to see and hear that kind of hate going on around you. We just have to pray for people like this and hope they can see the wrong and have their hearts be more loving. This kind of behavior upsetting you so much show what a kind and loving heart you have. Big Hugs. So sorry you had to be witness to this.

  8. Oh Carla, I am so sorry this happened to you and your friend. Indeed, it is an ugle world out there and sadly, things like this are happening all too frequently. It shocks me that people can be so harsh and insensitive especially and youth functions. I have to tell you that I am still shocked at how people use fowl language and whatnot right in front of my son. At baseball games, it can be simply terrible. I guess I am old-fashioned, but I used to think when a child was present (even a lady) that people would watch their language and actions, but not anymore. Sad, isn't it? Yes, my friend, keep your sweetness of life. Love and hugs to you!

  9. Carla, I'm so sorry that this happened to you at such a lovely event. There is still a lot of kindness in the world and I think that is why we are so shocked when we witness things like this. Well, that and the fact that it isn't in our nature. I don't know why some people behave the way they do. I often wonder if they feel remorseful or don't see anything wrong with their behavior? Either way, I'd be so upset and it would haunt me, too, but I love your friend's words. She is so right! Hugs to you my friend. xo

  10. What a horrible thing to happen. But hopefully all the support shown to you here has helped.


High Fives from Wisconsin!