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Friday, April 12, 2019

On the Road Friday ~ Battle of Kettle Creek ~ Washington, Wilkes County, GA

 During our time visiting Sam in November 2018 during his time off from training we visited Kettle Creek Battlefield.
Below is some history from the battle from the following website National Register of Historical Places

One of the most important battles of the  American Revolutionary War to be fought in Georgia occurred in Wilkes County, some 12 miles from present-day Washington, Georgia. Here on February 14, 1779, a force of 400 patriots, in a surprise attack, defeated a force of Loyalists twice their number. Savannah, Georgia, had recently been captured by the British on December 29, 1778, as part of the British “southern strategy” to pacify the South and separate it from the Middle and Northern rebellious colonies. Southern Loyalists welcomed the British arrival, while Southern patriots began to prepare for battle. Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell, captured Savannah for the British with 3,500 men, soon came under the command of Brigadier General Augustine Prevost. Savannah had been defended by the American General Andrew Williamson from South Carolina, but he withdrew from the city when Campbell approached, fighting a rear-guard action with his roughly 1,000 Georgian and South Carolinian militia men. 

The Kettle Creek battlefield, a wooded area, including “War Hill” is a 40 acre tract encircling a 500 foot high hill.  Upon the hill the War Department placed the Kettle Creek Monument in 1930.  The Georgia Historical Commission placed two historical markers in 1958 atop the hill and in 1962, 1973, and 1974 additional monuments were placed and some Revolutionary soldiers reburied atop the hill. Kettle Creek Battlefield was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on June 26, 1975.
 One of the things I found interesting was the placing of the crosses of where those died. As you walk the woods and see the white crosses all about, that is where they were hiding and fighting.

 "Discovering Our Heritage and History"

Georgia's Revolutionary War Trail

Thank you for coming along with me On the Road Friday.



  1. Wow that looks really cool and interesting! Thank you for taking us along!

  2. You guys always go to the coolest places.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Very interesting historical information. I like that they have crosses throughout the area. Bittersweet

  4. This amazes me, that the crosses are right where they fell. Spooky, but really fitting! I didn't know anything about this place.

  5. I'm not much of a history buff but I know that history is important. I just wish there were never any needs for wars and everyone would get along. There was a lot of fighting in the old testament and fighting is still going on in the world today.
    Thanks for taking the time to write about what is important to you.

    Today I could open a window in the house and work outside at cleaning a flowerbed and the Canada geese have returned. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia

  6. What a lovely area with so much history!

  7. Wow I bet that was something to see all those white crosses. This place is pretty amazing and so much interesting history. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Weekend.

  8. I never realized there were battles in Georgia during the Revolutionary War! I like they way they put crosses where each soldier died - it gives you such a sense of how it really happened. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Historical and very interesting. Yet, I feel that would also be a little bit spooky walking through there?

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  11. Thank you sharing the information and photographs.

    All the best Jan


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