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Monday, April 29, 2019

Joy List Monday

Canadian Goose on her nest of little ones

Joy List Monday
♥ a weekly ritual ♥

a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties and graces 
that make life magical and to set aside time for gratitude each day

♥ spending time with a dear friend last Tuesday.. her first is graduating from high school.. taking time to talk about  motherhood and watching our children start to fly

 ♥ sunshine.. and more sunshine

♥ the birds are back to Wisconsin for the Spring/Summer.. as each return and they sing out  ♫♪ "Hello We are Back for the Season" ♫♪

♥ hosting a dinner for a couple with young children and watching our 16 year old play with the kids

♥ receiving a phone call from Sam.. he has passed all of his AIT tests.. the count down to his AIT graduation is on



  1. Great list! No sun here this week! It was all of 42° here today and not supposed to be any warmer this week. I did see a couple of robins but that has been it for birds here.
    Congrats to Sam. I know how proud you are of him.
    Have a great week, Carla. xoDiana

  2. You have had a busy spring! I love your header with the protective Canada Goose!!

  3. That is a good Joy list. We are having all kinds of birds here including Canada geese and lots of Mallard ducks swimming in our yard. We've been marooned since Good Friday and the water level has gone down some but will stay high at least until May 4th. We have had so much rain.

    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I love the idea of a joy list, so important to see all of those precious moments in life☺

  5. So excited to hear Sam is doing so well and almost to the finish line. I know how proud you. Go Sam!
    We had such beautiful weather for a couple of weeks. Spring had sprung and then this past weekend Old Man Winter paid us a visit again. We got 5 inches of snow on Saturday. It is all melted and getting warmer again.
    I cannot wait until the middle of May to start my flowers. Happy New Week.

  6. I'm sure you are counting the days! How exciting!! I always enjoy reading your Joy Lists. The birds have been serenading us too!

  7. It's fun to see the seasons change - outdoors and indoors! Our babies are growing up and moving out of the nest. It's a big change - but a good one.

  8. How proud you must be of Sam and no doubt counting down the days! Great list.

  9. That's a beautiful list of joyful things!

  10. Late to wish you a happy Monday, but I wish you a happy May. Spring sure is busy, isn't it?

  11. What a wonderful list! I saw the neatest birds migrating through late last week. I ended up being late for work that day in stopping to just enjoy seeing them. I thought of you and wondered if you would have been able to identify them.

  12. That's a great list, especially the good news about Sam.
    Loved the photograph of the Canadian Goose sitting on her nest of little ones.

    All the best Jan

  13. Where did the week go? It's Friday and I'm just getting to Monday's posts! Congratulations to Sam and to you. You made it!!

  14. When will Sam be home? I'm sure you're missing him! Such a blessing that you had a phonecall with him!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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