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Monday, May 6, 2019

Joy List Monday

Joy List Monday
♥ a weekly reminder ♥
a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties and graces
that make life magical and to set aside time
for gratitude each day

♥ little seedlings continue to grow 
 ♥ a warm sunny weekend 
♥ completing items off my To Do List
♥ spending time with friends
♥ learning how to play a new game  Pickle Ball

I am a fan of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. They just released a new single Family! It is such a fun song and true of our family.

♥ Sam will be arriving home Thursday. Praying for air travel to be safe. May the journey for all to go well as Sam's classmates travel back to family and friends and start their careers in the National Guard or other branch of military. ♥

Thank you to all of you for the support and prayers during this time for our family and Sam.


  1. Yeah for Sam to be returning home soon. I am sure his career will be so fulfilling. You did good with this sweet boy. Happy Monday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, that's great that Sam will be home soon. Happy Monday!

  3. I will be praying for him! We have a Pickle Ball court here. I think it is pretty strenuous? But FUN.

  4. I know you will be glad for Sam to be home! WHEW! He'll be changed from this experience so it will be nice to spend time together. Sweet hugs!

  5. I know you are thrilled and so looking forward to seeing Sam! Praying for safe travels for him and all of his classmates! Can't wait to see the progress of the seedlings!! Love and hugs!

  6. My parents love pickle ball!! They play every summer when they go to Florida!

  7. I've been thinking of you all today. Prayers for safe travel this week.
    Please share about Pickle Ball!

  8. This is exciting! I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow!!

  9. Thanks to Sam and his classmates for their willingness to serve. Life gives us so many things to be thankful for, if we only stop to acknowledge them.

  10. Wonderful that Sam will be home today,(Thursday), I hope he and his classmates had safe journeys home.

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Only just reading this so I hope that Sam got home safely yesterday. I bet there were tears x


High Fives from Wisconsin!