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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May Day and a Giveaway

Happy May Day
May is here! Spring has sprung!
Here in Northwest Wisconsin flowers will soon be blooming and we will be busy in our gardens.

Enter to win the above photo cards.
All you have to do is leave a comment and in that comment share with me your favorite flower and why it is your favorite. 
If you would like to find out the meaning of your favorite flower, click the below website 
 and share the meaning with us.

 I am getting all excited to open The Flower Shack!

 I will have some new items available in The Flower Sack
 and at my website The Little Garden That Could

 Photo Cards are available at my website and at The Flower Shack.

 Succulent Log Planters are available at my website and at The Flower Shack.

Garden Tours and The Art of Flower Bouquets

I have tours and make & take bouquet workshops available this summer. 
All of that information is located on the Tour Page of the website.

Daybreak .. an adult day care program for folks with dementia came for a tour last summer. 
The power of flowers and memory. 

 And of course.. seasonal bouquets are available.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Wednesday, May 8th. 
Happy May Day


  1. Red rose-my favorite-velvety smooth-flower of love!!received many through the years for anniversaries and Valentine's Day!!! reminds me of my first love-

  2. Oh my, your flowers are gorgeous! So are the cards. I await all your new spring planting and selling adventures! My favorite flowers are split between poppies and pansies. Thanks so much for the awesome website!

  3. Happy May Day to you, too, Carla. I am so excited for you and your sweet shop. I won't sign up for the give-away because I have a whole stash of unused cards and it would be a shame for those beautiful cards to just sit in a box here. Someone will love them and use them!!! xo Diana

  4. I love your sweet Flower Shack. Your business is really growing (no pun intended!)!! Those succulent planters are so cute! My favorite flower? It's too hard!! Lilacs and hydrangeas I guess!

  5. How sweet of you! I have so many favorite flowers but I picked ...
    Camellia: beauty, contentment, excellence, gratitude, loveliness, pity.
    Enjoy your day! I'm off to the farmer's mkt this morning! Hugs!

  6. I can hear the excitement in your post of seeing all the lovely flowers soon. The flower shack to be opening soon too. I love all flowers and cannot wait to see some growing in my yard. Happy Thursday sweet friend.

  7. It's difficult for me to pick a favorite because everyone of them are my favorites. Such beauty and delicate patterns on each flowers makes it hard to choose. Each one has a special quality and uniqueness. It's like my kids, they are all special and I can't choose my favorite.

    I hope the season will soon arrive to get you started in your flower business.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. So glad that spring is finally sticking to your area! We've been through spring and heading into summer down here in Texas...LOL I love hydrangeas...they are so beautiful and it only take a few to make a full arrangement. I also like that you can change their color by changing the soil...that's pretty cool! Love and hugs sweet friend and Happy May!

  9. My favorite flower has long been the tulip, but it's being slowly usurped by the Johnny Jump-Up. They self-seeded everywhere in the garden at my old house, and they were so cheerful peeping out of crevices in the rocks early in the spring and all summer long. :) My favorite of your cards would of course be the one with the bee! So excited to see that the flower shack will be opening again soon - I didn't know you sold your cards in there. I may have to stop by soon and "pick" some. ;)

  10. I love roses! I carried a beautiful red rose bouquet at our wedding. I'm so excited for you that your garden shack will be opening up again for the season! I didn't know you were going to selling cards this year too. That's a fantastic idea!

  11. It would be Peonies.
    Our Lilac is blooming now,
    the fragrance dances in the air
    around our porch.
    We have no peonies do you?

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  12. Your Flower Shack always makes me smile. My favorite flower is Peonies. It is one of the first flower memories I have from my childhood :)

  13. Tulips are my favorite, they remind me of my wedding day! And I just visited your website. Beautiful. I wish I lived closer. I would sign up for a subscription for sure!!

  14. Such a lovely give-away but please do not include me …

    We are so blessed with the gorgeous flowers we can see and enjoy.
    A joy to read and look at your post.

    All the best Jan

  15. Hope you have another successful year with your business, amazing to see how much it has grown over the past couple of years.


High Fives from Wisconsin!