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Friday, November 15, 2019

Well, for the love of Pete!

Well, for the love of Pete!

Oh Goodnight!

What in Sam's Hill?

A little update about how our weather in Wisconsin has gone wacko and I mean wacko!
We woke to negative temperatures November 12! Oh my it was cold on Monday and very, very cold on Tuesday. Do you want to guess what the temperature was when we woke up Tuesday morning?

Wisconsin moss, autumn leaves and snow.

-2 degrees!

Have a blessed weekend my friends. 

We got the garden to bed, spring bulbs planted and everything summer put away snug as a bug  for the big Wisconsin winter by the skin of our teeth.
 Winter kicked autumn right out and said  "I am here!" in a big way!


  1. My goodness...I said that out loud! That just seems incredible! I'm glad you got things ready early! It was 73 here yesterday and we thought that was cool. Might be in the 60s for highs this weekend! What will we do? heehee! Stay WARM and safe! Hugs!

  2. Carla, I am still laughing about our friend Diane 's statement of thinking 72 was cool weather. Bless us all. I do not like snow on the trees while the leaves are still on them. :) I have been chilled to the bone lately. Even though we have built fires in the fireplace and the furnace runs. I wear a sweater all the time. I miss my sitting in the sun for a wee bit on the porch. I am so glad your garden was put to bed. We got just a wee bit done here. Like taking the pump from the pond, raking, hauling some leaves away to the woods. But there's much more to do. Blessing, stay warm, my friend, xoxo, love, Susie

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  4. Wow, that is cold. it's 35.6 ℉ here today and the snow is melting. Thank goodness you had time to put the gardens to bed. Since winter arrived so fast and we're already in mid November, in no time it will be spring again. Get your skis out and your snowshoes and enjoy the winter.
    Hugs, Julia

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  6. Good grief!I have herd that Wisconsin has really frigid temps. So did this set a record for this time of year? We have been down in the teens, but nothing like you!

  7. Oh my goodness, that's just too cold and way too early for those temps! I think it was last year when you almost couldn't do the lake event since it was too warm and wasn't safe, yes? I don't think you'll have that problem this year!! I hope you are snuggly and warm this weekend!! xoxox

  8. We've had low temps this week but nothing like that. brrrr

  9. Sorry, but I had to look laugh!😉
    We had the very same thing here in Colorado in October, our home received 28 inches of snow in October, I was actually out on my snowshoes twice! Crazy!
    Now, for November we are having beautiful warm days.
    The ski slopes opened today where we live, but only two runs open on 5,289 acres of land.
    We had more snow in October.

    Stay warm and enjoy your weekend ♡

  10. Good Morning Carla. We are not quite as cold as you but way below where we are suppose to be for this time of year. I think we are in for a long winter!!!! Ugh!!!! Today the sun is shining and we are promised to get back up in the 40's this coming week. That is still not good we need to be higher in the 50's. I will take the 40's since we have barely hit 20 this past week. Keep warm sweet friend.

  11. Oh my, that's too cold and way too early! Glad you got done what needed to be done. Stay warm and safe on the roads.

  12. Good gracious Pete, land sakes alive! {chuckle} I recognize all those expressions, and have used them myself with the weather here this year too, as we got our first snow of the season on September 28th. Now, we have no snow on the ground. It's crazy for sure! May you have a blessed and lovely Thanksgiving :)

  13. I don't envy you your cold winters. Just hoping we start to get more consistently fine warm weather here. Glad you got your garden sorted in time.

  14. Mother Nature is full of surprises this month. Right now the fog is thicker than pea soup down here!

  15. Stay warm, my friend! It is crazy all over, here it is super warm and dry and windy and dusty and we are all hoping for cooler temperatures and some rain. Still in t-shirts. Wish we could meet somewhere in the middle :-)

  16. I'm feeling cold reading this!
    Stay warm!

    All the best Jan


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High Fives from Wisconsin!

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