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Friday, November 22, 2019

Keeping Fish

 Hello Friends,
Do you remember my post from this summer? 
Click above if you want to read the post. I will give you a refresher here.
This summer I created a water feature using a whiskey barrel. 
I purchased 10 simple gold fish that cost .14 cents each. I also purchased a pond plant.

 The above bug was a frequent visitor to the whiskey barrel.
When September rolled around I had 4 fish left out of the original 10. I told my husband, "we might be keeping fish." 
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I can not leave these fish to freeze, we will have to clean the whiskey barrel and put it away for the winter, and well, those 4 fish are just going to have to come on inside."
"Where are you going to put them?"
"I will find a spot."
Our bathroom has a nautical themed decor. I knew my fish would fit right in. 
I added a small table to the one empty corner of our bathroom. And they seemed very happy.
Well, here comes the sad part of this story.
I did not know how much they would want to eat. They seemed to eat mosquitoes or something in the whisky barrel, because when I fed them flakes or the shrimp pellets, they never seemed to eat them. 
I got very excited that when I brought the 4 fish inside, they all got excited when I came to feed them. I sure did like to feed them. In fact I think I over fed the one. Because he ate and ate and the next time I visited the bathroom he was belly up dead!

I now have 3 fish.
I do hope I can winter them over. 
And who knew .14 cent fish could cause so much heartache. Because yes, I was very sad about that one that went belly up.

What are you wintering over?


  1. It's so sweet that you think of everything...and every living thing. We don't have to worry down here but we do get into the 30s a few times over the winter. Oh, and my favorite season is SUMMER! I bet you could guess that though! Hugs!

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your fish. My daughter Nicole would have been able to tell you how to care for them. She seemed to be an expert when it came to caring for fish.
    Maybe the fish shop can help you with tips on how to care for the rest. I know their requirements are not much.

    Hugs, julia

  3. It is so easy to overfeed fish. Really one little sprinkle a day seems to be the best. You will get the hang of it. I am wintering two basil plants! And I also bought three sempervium in cute little coffee pots. Hmmm, that gives me an idea to post them, I think I will, they are so cute!

  4. I used to have an acquarium as a girl and none of the fish survived. I'm sure you'll have more success, you have 'the touch', my friend.

  5. Oh no that you are losing the fish. Can you put in one of those heaters in the Whiskey Barrel to keep them like people with ponds have? Not sure if that would work if they need bugs to eat. Just a thought.
    Hope you can figure out a way to keep the three going inside. I bet it is cute in your bathroom.

  6. Sorry about the fish who died. I'm so happy you brought them in and praying the last three make it until summer. We don't have anything wintering.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Carla, I hope you can keep those fish alive. It will be nice to see if they make it. Please keep us informed. Blessings to you and your wonderful family. Have a great Thanksgiving day. xoxo,love, Susie

  8. We have fish, they are delicate, I guess we just do our best...but I totally get it, it's easy to get attached. There's no price tag on love. ❤️

  9. I miss having fish, they were so much fun. But the heart always hurt when I lost one :(

  10. Poor fish! I am lucky if I can keep a goldfish alive for more than a month, so I'm afraid I don't have any helpful advice. I'm much better with plants! I'm overwintering a lemon tree, a bay tree, and an avocado tree I started from seed last winter (we've harvested one lemon this year and a few bay leaves, but no avocados yet). I usually bring my tender herbs inside, but we're running out of space with all of those trees getting bigger!

  11. Sorry about the fish that died …
    I can remember when growing up we always used to have goldfish in a bowl, but not had any for many years now.

    All the best Jan


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