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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Good Old Day's of playing along with the Hodgepodge!


Hello Friends, It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.

Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.
 1. What's one thing you learned at the ripe old age of whatever age you are now?
How to slowly cut the "apron strings" .. I am currently in my second month of empty nest.
 2. I read here a list of foods that can help you look younger-

extra virgin olive oil, green tea, fatty fish, dark chocolate, vegetables, flaxseeds, pomegranates, avocados, tomatoes, spices, bone broth

How many of the foods listed have you tried? I have tried all of them! How many do you eat regularly? We use extra virgin olive oil. I enjoy dark chocolate. Vegetables are on our menu for lunch and dinner. Pomegranates are something we enjoy in the winter. Yes, to avocados, tomatoes and spices. Your favorite from the list? Dark Chocolate!
3. Something you miss from the 'good old days'? SMILES  When were the good old days anyway? I am not sure anymore. 
 4. What are two or three of the most rewarding things to be found in growing older?
Learning from my mistakes. I can be very hard on myself. As I grow older, I see how I learned from making those mistakes I did when I was younger. And I can share the mistakes with my two boys in hopes they do not make the same that I did.
 5. What's your favorite part of your life right now?
The Empty Nest.. I will admit, I miss my boys. Yet, at the very same time, I am so proud and excited for them as they both have taken on the challenges of year 2020! And they still have dreams, goals and plan to reach them.
 6. Insert your own random thought here. 
I delivered Meals on Wheels for several years before I started to work for Daybreak (a program for those with dementia.)
A few weeks ago one of the women I delivered meals to passed away. I sent the family a sympathy card sharing how much I enjoyed getting to know her. 
Yesterday, I received a  card from the family.
"She always looked forward to your visits and you had a very special  place in her heart."
This note gave me a gentle reminder to not give up on shining your light!  



  1. I eat all of the foods that make you look younger! I should almost be a toddler by now. I guess it is the other things I eat that are holding me back ;-)

  2. You do shine your light quite brilliantly..Even to PA!

  3. I always love reading your posts, Carla. I find myself my nodding along!

  4. Delightful photo...

    Delightful "Smile" at end...

    1. Learned? Deal with changes of age, early on. They won't surprise you so much, if you do this. But! Know that such changes, keep coming! I'm now working on dealing with and coming to (peaceful) terms with, even more of them.

    Lovely... About sending a card to that woman's family, and receiving a lovely reply.....


  5. I'm a recent empty nester too and I can relate to how you feel about it. I didn't use to think I'd survive it but it's a nice change. I'm lucky that all 3 of my kids live locally so I still get to see them on a regular basis. Have a great week :)

  6. Always love reading these. Oh how sweet the family wrote you and passed on that message about the lady that you delivered meals too. How nice. Happy Wednesday.

  7. What a wonderful affirmation this was of your kindness!

  8. Oh Carla... your card meant so much to that family. I'm glad they sent you one too. I love the little sign, btw. I miss the smiles too! I hope you had a good Summer. Enjoy your week.

  9. I get part way through writing my comment and your page changes and what I was working on is gone. I'll have to be patient when I come here.
    Your boys are good men and mature. You did a great job with them. Seems like everyone I read today is loving those food items. Me too! Learning from your mistakes and teaching your boys about them is a good thing. I love your random. That is so sweet. ((Hugs))

  10. We eat all those good food to keep us healthy except for me I can no longer eat flaxseeds and pomegranates, as well as anything with soy or soy by-products because they contain estrogen in them. Actually we eat a lot of cold press extra virgin olive oil and I do love dark free trade chocolate that has cocoa butter in it instead of soy lecithin.

    What a thoughtful gesture of you to send a sympathy card to the family. I can assure you they must be well pleased by your thoughtfulness and appreciate your kindness toward their mother. Your light is shining brightly.I would even call i ta beacon.

    Stay safe and well
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Having lost my mother to the effects of dementia, your 'random thought' has touched my heart. Thank you, Carla!

  12. Notes like that are so encouraging! I received a text from a family whose children I have taught just the other day. It was so sweet and really made my day.
    Enjoy your empty nest with your young men nearby :)

  13. I'm having a real good chuckle about your Meals on Wheels Gif! That is so sweet that you got that kind acknowledgement from the family of the lady you cared for. Empty nest! It is good to know your kids are doing well out on their own. One of ours left the nest and then came back with her husband and lived in our basement for a year! :) Hope the rest of your week is good!

  14. Good Morning Carla,
    I thought I left a comment but I guess it did not print. I always love reading your hodge podge posts. It is so beautiful that the family of one of the people you delivered meals too sent you a card of appreciation. You really touched many lives when you did meals on wheels. Have a great day today. xoxo

  15. Please...

    Tell me....

    Are you on only "New"?

    Like my Sig. Line.

    😰😱Did Blogger finally do it?????😰😱

  16. How lovely for the family to respond to you like that. So many people these days just don't take the time. Yes, getting us to the empty nest certainly is an adjustment but like you, it's so rewarding to see your children as young, successful, independent adults.

  17. So important to keep shining our light no matter what. What a lovely note from the grieving family. Enjoyed your Hodge-Podge post. Wishing you a beautiful day....Brenda

  18. I needed your positive and uplifting post today. The timing is perfect! I like all the foods on the list, surprisingly. I should look and feel better, LOL! ;P

    I was an empty nester for one semester. Then Shanley came home for her graduate school externship. Then when she moved to Baton Rouge, I was an empty nester for another semester, and Shelley got into her program, and moved home. I am looking forward to being an empty nester, but with so much going on in the world right now, I'm happy to have Shelley at home.

  19. What a sweet response from that family. We never know how our words and actions can bless other people.
    I have to laugh because we are staying with our daughter while we wait for our home purchase. Is that reverse empty nest?

  20. Your card meant a lot to that family, so nice that they sent you one too.

    All the best Jan


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