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Thursday, May 20, 2021


 I was blessed this 2021 Mother's Day. 

Jeremy and I host Mother's Day each and every year. For the past 23 years we have grilled a turkey and enjoyed a wonderful feast with my parents and my boys. 

This year was extra special. All were able to make it, the weather was amazing and I think after 2020 each and every celebration we are having this 2021 is just extra special.

My parents helped us chip limbs from a dead tree we had to have professionally cut down in our yard.

The past two years, our son Sam has been deployed. It was very special to have him attend the party this year and he brought Catie.

And now for a few snap shots of how I was spoiled.


♥ The roses are from Catie  ♥


♥ My dad and mom helping us chip limbs. ♥


♥ This amazing hanging basket from Atticus. ♥


♥ Fudge from Sam. ♥


♥ Michel Design Works from my parents. ♥


♥ From my sister. ♥


♥ Soap from Sam. ♥


♥ From Sam. ♥


♥ From Sam.. a Lake Superior necklace .. my favorite place in the world. The blue is  sea glass from the shores of  Lake Superior. ♥


  1. oh Blue glass beauty. but..fudge!!
    You deserve the showering of love

  2. These are all such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. And each one seems to be so YOU!

  3. Wow! you sure have been spoiled. Such lovely gifts. That chipper looks just like mine. We used it this week to shred all my garden debris. It makes lovely mulch.

    Take care, hugs.

  4. You were spoiled and you deserve it all. I'm so happy you were all together!

  5. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts. Happy Mother's Day, Carla.

  6. You deserve to be spoiled. :D Wow, I love the necklace, especially with the sea glass.

    Have a super weekend!


  7. So glad you were able to celebrate Mother's Day together this year! You were spoiled, such lovely gifts :)

  8. Oh Carla all the gifts fit you perfectly. Your family surely knows you. I love the items from your mom and dad. Those are pretty cute and perfect for you. How nice you have all these wonderful and thoughtful gifts from the boys and your family. Happy Friday. xoxo

  9. What a wonderful Mother's Day, Carla. You got spoiled like me with so many lovely presents. That blue sea glass necklace is cool. What a perfect gift from Sam. That was so nice of your Mom and Dad to help out around the yard. All your gifts are so special, Carla, and given with love from your family. That fudge! I want some with my coffee!


  10. Wow, you were certainly pampered with wonderful gifts. So glad everyone could make it. Yes, celebrations are definitely getting better than 2020. Let's pray that this continues and we can move past Covid. Have a nice weekend.

  11. I have tears in my eyes. I love to see a mother treated as your family treated you this Mother's Day, and as I am sure they always treat you: with deep love and respect, and a knowledge of exactly who you are, down deep. My children are the same and I must say that of all the blessings I receive throughout the year -- too many to count -- from the hand of God, the ones that come on Mother's Day touch my heart the most. I am so glad you all were able to continue your tradition this year, and I hope that for all the years that remain until we all get to heaven, this will be the case. xoxo

  12. I sense a theme - all of them have to do with flowers, except the necklace (that's a really cool necklace!). Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Wow! So special. Everyone together! Fudge from Sam! The necklace and flowers are beautiful.

  14. Lots of nice gifts! Looks like you had a good Mother's Day.

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful day filled with family and flowers and fudge! Blessed indeed! xo

  16. What a wonderful, wonderful Day!!!!!! And sweet memories made.

    Oh sea glass on that necklace. I love sea glass. Well, the idea of it. I don't really have any. -smile-

    🌱🌺🌱"Blogs are little First Amendment machines."🌱🌺🌱

  17. First, congratulations to Sam. Wow, you must be so proud. I've just read your last post. Isn't Catie adorable, and what handsome boys you have. Sure easy to see how much your boys love you, and what a loving special family you have. Such amazing gifts. You are very special!

  18. A lovely Mother's Day ...

    All the best Jan

  19. What a wonderful day for you! I love that your family spoiled you so :) You deserve it!


High Fives from Wisconsin!