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Monday, March 7, 2022

Looking back at 2021 ~ Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

 Hi Friends,

Today I am sharing another of our adventures that I did not get around to post in 2021. We attended Wisconsin Farm Technology Days at Huntsinger Farms, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Huntsinger Farms is the WORLDS biggest horseradish grower-producer, right here in Wisconsin. I am a fan of eating horseradish and I wanted to learn more about how it is grown and processed.

If you have the Silver Spring brand at your local market, you are enjoying horseradish grown and processed in Wisconsin.

Farm Technology Days also featured, the Nellie Holsteins Dairy, Ferguson's Apple Orchard and Chippewa Valley Bean.

Heading into Farm Technology Days

It is been dubbed the Super Bowl of agriculture for the state of Wisconsin.

You will notice the "fog" or "haze" in my photos, it is smoke from the wildfires that were burning in Northern Minnesota for most of our 2021 summer.


Horseradish plants and the machine used to harvest horseradish.



Q: What do people need to know about your approach to horseradish and the recipe today?

A:We grow the (horseradish) root, clean it, grind it and mix with vinegar and salt. The same way my great - grandfather did. The recipe is the same.

Q: Where do you see the biggest market or appetite for horseradish?

A: The biggest market for horseradish is in New York. Second is Philadelphia for highest consumption. There are other big markets in Florida, southern California and Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Baltimore and there's a big market in Chicago. It is very popular for Passover too.


I was interested in speaking with the owners and growers of Ferguson's Orchards because of the new way they are growing apples.



Chippewa Valley Bean 

You had the opportunity to see all the variety of bean plants and dried beans.


Off Road Time 

We had the opportunity to test drive different styles of UTV's on a fun obstacle course.

We enjoyed learning about salmon farming and lettuce farming done all together... aquaponics. And Wisconsin has the largest aquaponics facility in the world, Superior Fresh.

Gouda Cheese

Colby Cheese

Hereford Cattle to Horses

It was all at Farm Technology Days!

Energy too!  

Below I am sitting in a Tesla.

While we were looking at all the electric cars one of the Energy People came over to ask if we had any questions. I asked him "yes, in your opinion, Sir, what is the best way to harness energy for our nation?"

He looked like me like I was some kind of CRAZY person. Then he whispered, "why do you want to know and who are you?"

I answered,"I am a concerned American Citizen."

He was rather floored, and pulled us away from the rest of the crowd. We had a heart to heart talk. We discussed the February power outages in Texas with the iced wind turbines, solar panels, to brownouts in California and how we are going to supply enough electricity for all in America to own an electric car.

 He worked in the energy business for over 40 years and worked in the Soviet Union for some of that time. I did get his opinion, and I felt rather happy with myself, because I already knew the answer.

We enjoyed a delicious Everything from Wisconsin Sandwich with creamy AppleWood Horseradish to end our day at Farm Technology Days.


  1. Wow! I didn't realize that was such a big show! I'll have to think about going next year. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. A very interesting post. I've never planted horseradish and only eat it occasionally, so I never noticed if it came from Wisconsin. It probably does. I'll check next time I see some at the store. I would not have recognized the plant.

    If that energy guy was trust worthy, he would have wanted to educate the people in the crowd. In my opinion, and it's only my opinion, he didn't want others to hear the conversation and the fact that he asked you who you were, as if it mattered.
    You never know, maybe he was a Russian , spy. lol...
    You had the perfect answers.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Fun event and fascinating info. I'm a big horseradish fan as it clears out my sinuses. LOL. You got some great material for your story from the event. :)

  4. Horseradish farm, how interesting. I haven't had horseradish in a long time, but I do enjoy it on foods from time to time. Looks like a fun event with lots of people attending. Your Wisconsin sandwich with horseradish sounds delicious. I loved hearing about your great grandfather and how the recipe was the same back then. And I love how you take an interest in your ancestors, Carla. That's very special, and wish more people did so.


  5. What a fun day! I never knew hrseradish was a root. The UTV vehicle driving looks like fun!
    We have 2 electric cars -one is a Tesla - we love it!

  6. How interesting this all is! And I have never seen a horseradish plant. I do not think we have this brand,, that is too bad.

  7. I love it...You're not just a pretty face sitting in that Tesla. You're digging into the big problems our nation is facing. I bet that was the most interesting conversation that gentleman had all day.

  8. Well It does take gas to run the electric, so not sure how we are going to go completely electric. The wind turbines here dont work in ice storms, so what happens then if we have to rely on just them? I use to grow horseradish at my old house. I love it. What a fun adventure you went on! Janice

  9. That looks like a fun and educational field trip! :D The mining for the components of electric car batteries is an environmental nightmare, and so is the disposal of them. Plus producing the electricity would also lead to mining and burning more coal, another climate issue. It isn't economically feasible at this time....
    So if it isn't about the economy or the environment, it must be about LIMITING OUR MOVEMENT which is limiting our FREEDOMS. Plus, they have been lying to us about "fossil" fuels. I'm tired of misinformation. Sick of it, My Friend!

  10. I never knew that horseradish came from the root of the plant, looks like such an interesting day out. Bet the driving part was fun! We have a Tesla, we love it, and solar panels on our house :)

  11. But we can not do it yet!!!!!

    Our electrical grids are going to all go down, if we keep at this present ("New Green Deal") of cutting off fossil fuel, before we have fully prepared for more green energy.

    Anyone with a brain, knows the above.

    But the "New Green Deal" people obviously, do not have a brain!!!!!!


    Gentle hugs,

  12. What a great day out! I must admit to not being a great lover of horseradish but hubby loves it so we always have a jar on the go. We considered electric options when we changed our car recently but there is still not enough infrastructure in place for me to be totally confident in it yet.

  13. Wow you learned a lot and what a great and different adventure. I am not a lover of horseradish but my family is they love it with prime rib. Have a good day today. xoxo Kris

  14. That sounds like a super fun and informative day. Look at you in the Tesla!! How cool that you had a heart to heart with the energy guy. That is interesting about horseradish and we're the 2nd largest consumer of it!

  15. Neverbeen a fan of horseradish but your post has made me think I might need to try a taste test again. What a wonderful event!

  16. I bought a small horseradish plant from a lady at a craft fair a few years ago. I know nothing about horseradish but put the little plant in my garden. It has grown and grown and grown so I tried digging it up last fall. I never did reach the bottom of the roots and it came back stronger than ever. I now have several small horseradish plants.

  17. Ugh I LOVE horseradish! But down here, it's all about chow chow, haaahaha! And yeah ... I know the answer too. All Americans will NOT own electric cars, for reasons so obvious to the normal brain that I will not insult anyone here by beginning to enumerate them. xoxo

  18. I do love horseradish. What an interesting tour and a great day you had. You learned so many things. Are you going to share what that man told you about energy? Thank you for the tour.

  19. I haven't heard of this event before. Fun and educational!
    I never considered horseradish being a product from Wisconsin. That makes me what to try more!


High Fives from Wisconsin!