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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Five W's and H

 Hello Friends,

Back in the day, we learned how to report a story with the Five W's and H.

A recent article in our Barron News Shield, Wednesday, March 16, 2022 grabbed my attention, the headline, Moths are a danger in Barron County.

As a gardener and having a business selling fresh cut flowers, I  am well aware of pests to our gardens, shrubs and trees. I also am well aware of the poisons that are used to kill these pests. The poisons are what I want to know about. 

The below article shared with me in four paragraphs how the DANGEROUS moth in Barron County got a name change. Yep, that is right, four paragraphs to let me know that previous name of the moth "gypsy moth"  was removed due to its use of derogatory term for the Romani people.

Right.. that is fine with me. Change the name of the moth.

BUT... where is the information regarding WHAT is going to be used in the spray to kill off the dangerous moth? What are the ingredients?

When? When will my area be sprayed?

Where? Where are you spraying?

What? What is in the spray? 

Do we need to keep our pets inside during the spray campaign? Young children, older adults, those who have respiratory problems?

Target of spray campaign.

 The article did provide a ten word long site to type in to find more information. When I typed it in my computer, triple checking that I had all of the ten words correct it said..


And by the way, the new name for the dangerous moth is spongy moth, which refers to the moths sponge - like egg masses.


  1. OHHHH mercy!!!!!

    The name was offending Romani people.

    Are there any Romani people roaming around our country? I hardly think so.

    Aren't they living in European countries?

    Soooooo.... Probably...... The nutty *Woke* people decided that........

    IF Romani people lived here, they MIGHT be offended by the NAME of this MOTH.


    These nutty *Woke-sters* set up a campaign to change the name of the moth.

    -head desk-

    -head desk-

    -head desk-

    Is there such a thing as 'County Extension Service' anymore? Where you could call, and get more info, on the probably horrrrible spray????

    P.S. Remember when they sprayed for mosquitoes and you had to shut all your windows, so you could breathe??????????????

  2. I am NOT fond of moths at all. The Spongy Moth sounds like a horrible species. xo Diana

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  4. Oh for the love of Pete... This is about as ridiculous as it gets, renaming the Gypsy moth because it's derogatory. Does this mean that all the old books and printed articles, and website about the " Gypsy Moth" are going to have to be changed to the "Spongy Moth"? Government should be spending the tax payer's money in building a better relation between people instead spending the money to rewrite history. Our beautiful countries are being dismantled inch by inch by idiots.

    I think the spray is detrimental to birds who eats these insects. By using poison spray, the natural balance of nature is destroyed and the pest will take over.

    I would think that the spray poison is much more dangerous to the welfare of people, pets, birds, wildlife and fish and other wildlife species, not speaking of bees. I'll get off my soap box now.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Interesting! I actually did not know there were any moths that are a threat to gardening. I do think that naming it Gypsy does not necessarily mean that the name is a bad thing, but what do I know...

  6. I have always known them to be called the Gypsy moths and now it is offensive. Geez already. Living and growing up in the midwest I know these moths to be in our areas and they can be destructive to your garden.
    I think some trees are even affected by them. It is scary when they spray for insects and we really do not know the long term effects or harm the sprays have. Yikes!

  7. We have the gypsy moths here too and I have not heard anything about changing their name in our neck of the woods. We also have the ash borer which has killed quite a few ash trees. I hope you find out the answers to your questions. I think not knowing that is scarier than the moths themselves. YIKES! Janice

  8. That's interesting Carla. I've never heard of this moth before. I always thought moths were harmless. But I do hope they don't invade your garden. It's too lovely for that to happen.

    I hope it all works out for you, dear friend.


  9. Well I think that's derogatory to sponges and I would like to report that I am offended. This stupidity has got to stop. Gypsy is a beautiful word. Sorry but I don't know what's in the spray but I don't blame you for being concerned. xoxo

  10. Oh gosh! Scary! I hate when you try and get to a link and it's Page Not Found!

  11. Having owned and published a community newspaper years ago, I am so aware of news stories and press releases that have left out the "Ws" and the "H." Recent article in local newspaper announcing a performance at the community theater: no date, no location, and no time. In your case, this oversight is much more concerning!

  12. We have those moths here, too and they can chomp their way through the garden and the fence. I'm so over the click bait headlines, with very little relation to the actual story. I would like the facts, as you said, about the important stuff like poison in my area, but that does not drive sales.

  13. Yes, you definitely have to find out what is in it and if the animals need to be inside when they spray. Hope you can find that information out.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. I see my county on the list as well. In years past, they have sent us post cards when they will be spraying. If they had sent notice about spongy moth, I would have thought we had another new concern!
    Have you seen this site? https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/Programs_Services/SMAerialSpray.aspx
    I haven't had time to research to in depth, but they do share some information.


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