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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

It is the Hodgepodge and we are featuring the letter V



Hi Everyone! This is me, on a recent spring hike. It is still cold here in Northwest Wisconsin. Our temperatures have been below normal. Today on the Hodgepodge, I am going to share some about me featuring the letter V. 

Joyce asks the questions.

 We answer the questions.

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1. What does the word values mean to you personally? Values are a standard that I live by and find important. Where did your values come from? My parents taught me my values. What are some of the values that have guided you throughout your life? Honesty, Respect and Kindness.

2. Your favorite vanilla flavored something? Soft Serve Ice Cream!

3. What's something you've seen/done recently that you found to be very difficult, very confusing, very helpful, very interesting, or very special. Elaborate. 

Very Difficult

We recently found out that our National Guard Son will be deployed. I will be honest, I always knew he would be deployed. Yet, when I received the news, it gave me a shiver. As we prepare as a family for his deployment, I am finding moments that are very difficult.  

 4. Something you own and love that is violet in color? 

 Lilacs ~ they are just budding, it will be awhile before they bloom.

 5. Do you have vacation plans on the calendar this summer? Tell us more. 

We do not at this time, but have tossed a few ideas around. All our ideas are adventures that are in our state of Wisconsin.

 6. Insert your own random thought here.  

 Me and my Mother

We have hosted a Mother's Day Dinner for my mom for over 20 years. It is tradition for my husband to grill a turkey and we make fun side dishes each year. I am starting to plan the menu and thinking of ways to make the day special. Each year we change it up a little to create new memories.


  1. I will certainly be praying for Sam AND for you. It is awful to know our kids are going off and could be in a dangerous situation. God bless him!
    Have fun with your Mother's Day menu...oh....and I can't believe you have stuff budded out there. How the heck did you get ahead of us?! lol. xo Diana

  2. Your moms day sounds so nice. Love traditional ways. Love all your answers. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

  3. Prayers for your son Sam that he may be kept safe and for you for the grace of courage during his deployment. I certainly do not envy your burden.

    As always, I love your thoughtful answers.

  4. I am not thrilled with Vanilla. >,-)

    Of course it is difficult, to face your son being deployed. -sigh-

    Lovely long time plans, for Mother's Day.


  5. I hope you post photos of the dinner. I am so sorry about your son, how hard this must be for you! Where are they sending him? But maybe he is not even allowed to say?

  6. I know it must be incredibly hard thinking about a deployment. I will pray for your son's safety. Deployment is also a possibility for my son-in-law. Technically South Korea was considered deployment but when you are told to go you go. If you message me his name I will put him in my prayer journal. Your lilacs are lovely. I need a lilac bush!

  7. Oh it must be so hard knowing your son is deployed now. I would be on pins and needles if it were my son. A great tradition for Mother's Day! Janice

  8. I will keep Sam and you in my prayers. You must have been great parents to raise a son who will serve our country. He is made of good stuff!

  9. Sweet. Summer and warmer weather will be here soon. Yay.

  10. Sounds like a great mother's day tradition.

  11. You're on my mind a lot my friend and I keep you and Sam in my prayers. xxoo

  12. Will certainly pray for your son's safety! Your Mother's Day tradition sounds wonderful.

  13. Not sure if my comment went through. Feel free to delete it if this is a duplicate.
    Will certainly be praying for God's protection on your son.
    And what a wonderful Mother's Day tradition! I'm sure it's a blessing to your mom.

  14. There's always so much to worry about with boys....and pray about! Enjoy your day sweet friend! Wish I was there to hike with you....well, if you have a jacket I can borrow! lol

  15. Your tribute to your mom is so sweet, Carla. Love the embordered hankie and the pendant.

  16. Saying a prayer for Sam that he may be kept safe.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. May Sam be safe and may you have peace.

  18. Carla, even though you knew Sam's deployment was ahead sometime, of course you will miss him and worry about him every step of the way. I'm glad you shared it here where there will be many keeping him in their prayers. God go with him and keep him in His hands every minute. Your Mother's Day Dinner is a wonderful tradition and I know that it makes her so happy.

  19. Our Andrew, also with the Guard, has been deployed to the Middle East four or five times (I lose count) so I know how difficult this is for all of you, Carla. I will be honest -- when he was gone, I tried not to think about it too much. Of course I prayed for him but it was then out of my hands and it helped me to know that wherever Andrew was in the world, God was there too and His will would be done. Yes Andrew was in danger; that was a fact that could not be escaped. But he wanted to be there and was doing what he loved. Still, the joy and relief each time he came back to us was indescribable. Sam will be fine and so will you but prepare for some emotional days. I will be praying for you. xoxo


High Fives from Wisconsin!