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Monday, February 13, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day Week


My mom made me this Valentine several years ago, it is one of my favorite Valentine's. 

Hello Friends,

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

I was gifted my grandma's autographs book. I absolutely love it. 

Today I will share some of the quotes in it from her friends. They may just be what you need to create your Valentine this year. 

The quotes are from my Grandma Vida's Autograph book ~ 1945 - 1946  


Yours till table legs wear sox 

Roses are red, Violets are blue, but none of the flowers are sweeter then you

When you grow up and have twin's don't come over to my house for safety pins

Girls like tulips in the park, but boys like two lips in the dark

The higher the mountain the cooler the breeze, the younger the couple the tighter the squeeze

Have a great week friends.





  1. The autograph books are such rare treasures. I know you love having them! The heart is pretty too! Happy Valentine's day my friend!

  2. Oh, these are delightful little sayings that are in your grandma's autograph books, Carla. It's so special that this was passed on to you. I chuckled with the "girls like tulips" one. I'll have to write that quote down haha. And what a treasure that red heart is that your mom made you. So cute with the red fabric and buttons. I can see why it's one of your favorites.

    Happy Valentine's Day to my precious friend.


  3. Hahaha, I had to laugh at the quotes. Your mom must be as sweet as you for gifting a sweet heart.
    Happy Valentine dear Carla.


  4. OMG these are so sweet and adorable. Love it. Thanks for sharing these Carla made me smile this morning. Have a sweet day tomorrow with your Valentine. Hugs. Happy Valentines Day. Kris

  5. Hope you have a great week too Carla

  6. Loving the quotes. How wonderful you have this to look at from time to time. Janice

  7. I have mother's high school autograph book!! Love these entries you shared and happy valentines day to you!

  8. Oh my gosh! Those are so funny and super sweet. What a treasure. Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  9. Happy Valentines's Day Carla. What a sweet red heart from your Mother. I love the little Valentine quotes. The old fashioned Valentines used to be so cute and had the sweetest verses. Hard to find those any more.

  10. Those are so cute and special. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  11. What a beautiful gift from your mom. I hope you had a special Valentine's Day. :)

  12. These are so awesome!! I love the heart from your mom too!

  13. Oh my goodness, I laughed right out loud, those are just hilarious! Safety pins, lips, flowers and tight squeezes... those were great! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! The heart your mother made is just beautiful, I agree a precious treasure!

  14. Nice Valentine from your mom, and the quotes are so much fun! ;P

  15. Cute Cute Valentine and quotes. How nice you have the momentos.


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