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Thursday, December 7, 2023

12 Photos of This and That


Hello Friends,

A little of this and that today featuring 12 photos. Did you know 12 is my favorite number? You might wonder why? Well, I have a 12/12 birthday, that makes my favorite number 12!

So here we go.. 12 photos of this and that.. the one above is of a house I traveled by and had to turn around to take a photo of the giant nutcrackers.

I love nutcrackers. In the below photos you will see my 'Boys in the Band' nutcrackers.



 The above nutcrackers are stamped on the bottom 'Made in Germany'.



 Our greenhouse decked out for Christmas. I have fleece in the greenhouse this year covering carrots. I am experimenting with extending our growing season. It does look like snow. You will also see the moon in this photo.



Our Christmas Cactus bloom is just about ready to pop open.



I am wintering over our Fuchsia and it also has blooms ready to pop open.



A fresh batch of Chex Mix... one of our favorite holiday treats.



Chicken Noodle Soup simmering on the stove top.


Homemade Sourdough Focaccia... it takes two days... but so worth it.



I created a simple evergreen swag.


And our little pop of winter cheer as you come to our door.




  1. I must be hungry because all the food shots stopped me in my tracks. Do you cook your chex mix in the oven? I LOVE the smell of it when it's cooking. Your bread looks fabulous! Happy Birthday :)

  2. The yummy soup and bread look so delish. I love Chex mix too. Happy Birthday. Hugs. Kris

  3. Love the pics. There is a house North of us with huge Nutcrackers outside too. Wishing you luck on your extended garden. I made beef cabbage soup yesterday. We love soups. Janice

  4. Carla, I love your twelve photos that you shared today. You love Nutcrackers too! And the ones from Germany are special. Your green house looks so pretty in the dark all lit up, and I thought the fleece was snow at first. Your evergreen swag and skates at the front door are delightful. The chicken noodle soup hits the spot on these cold days, it's getting so cold here. And that homemade sourdough Focaccia looks amazing. Your posts bring a smile to my face every time, Carla. They truly do. : )


  5. I love all of these photos and your love of the number twelve! You have quite an impressive nutcracker collection! Your green house looks so festive and wintry. You made a really cute swag and cheery entryway. I can't wait to make some Chex Mix for the holidays. That soup and foccaccia look amazing. I've been on such a soup and bread kick. Thank you for sharing all of your pics! Happy almost birthday!

  6. I love everything about this post. I love nutcrackers too and I have a modest collection. Those big one must be pricy.
    My three Christmas cacti are also blooming.
    The soup and the Focaccia sounds so good.

    Take care and enjoy these little pops of winter cheers.


  7. I absolutely loved this post. A lovely selection of photographs.

    That chicken noodle soup looks delicious and I'm sure I could smell that wonderful Homemade Sourdough Focaccia :)

    Enjoy your December days.

    All the best Jan

  8. What a lovely post. I love all the photos. Love your Nutcrackers. The branches are so pretty and I love them in the ice skate. Yummy looking soup. Happy Birthday to you!

  9. Well it is all just so cozy and warm and delectable and sweet! Your nutcrackers are darling! I feel that way about gnomes but it is a recent thing, the gnomes. And your little greenhouse just glows, sitting there! I'm going to have to make some Chex mix this year! xoxo

  10. Great selection of photos Carla. Belated birthday wishes x

  11. My youngest brother has the same Birthday as you. I would say that 12/12 is a pretty good date. Enjoyed your 12 photos...my MIL loved nutcrackers as well. she had so many of them but when she was passed away, we could not find any of them. Your Chex mix looks so good. just need you to post the recipe ...Hope you and your family enjoy a very Merry Christmas.

  12. Hum...thought I had left a message, maybe I forgot to hit publish, lol Nice pictures, love the nutcrackers. The soup looks yummy, made some myself yesterday. These cold days are good for soup...or rather soup is good for these cold days. Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had an awesome day.


High Fives from Wisconsin!