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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We all have been on a road trip and we see something that makes us chuckle or reminds us of the past.  I grew up not far from a little village that my Grandma delivered mail to. She was a rural mail carrier for forty years! She delivered mail from Phillips, WI followed County Rd F to  Lugerville, WI. At one time Lugerville was a big important town in Price County. It even had a hospital. Now, it is just a little place you drive by. It does not have its own Zip Code or Post Office. But the people that live in this little community are proud. They built a little water tower, about 6 feet tall. They have Lugerville proudly painted on it.
On our recent road trip North we came across Finnsville Pop:2

Good'ol Wisconsin Fun!

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High Fives from Wisconsin!

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