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Monday, March 28, 2011


Our last big ski of the year. We visited Lake Wissota State Park. We loved the trails. We will be back next season. Beautifully groomed trails, a fun ski and amazing nature.

We are planing to visit Lake Wissota State Park this summer. We are always saying "So much to see and so little time" and right in our own great state.
  Last year my son did a school project regarding Wisconsin State Parks. I learned a lot! :) After the project we thought it would be fun to visit all the Wisconsin State Parks together.


  1. Visiting all the Wisconsin state parks would be a great project! It is a beautiful state. I hope our snow melts pretty soon so I can start taking photos of Wisconsin dressed in something other than white.

    You're right, our Governor is a brave man. Even now, so many people trying to stand in the way of legislation passed.

  2. Nice pictures. I'm jealous you got a last ski in. We haven't had any major snow since before Book Across the Bay. We tried skiing one more time but the conditions weren't good. Next winter maybe we'll have to try places south of here since we seem to be in the banana belt. We'll keep Lake Wissota in mind. We got a Wisconsin Parks pass last summer but didn't use it as much as I'd hoped. We only got to Copper Falls and Amnicon Falls.


High Fives from Wisconsin!