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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The last couple hours in Mexico

The last couple hours we ate supper and played with some of the kids. The staff of the church made us a great meal. It was really good. Everything was different. From the way the food was prepared, to what they like for dessert. It was a lot fun. After the dinner we played football (soccer) .... the natives had the advantage over us American boys!

We headed home just as it was turning dark. We had a long wait in the line at customs. Our passports were checked and the van was looked at too. The American Customs agent moved some items around in the van - then we got the clear to go home. While waiting in line at customs the native people were trying to sell us beans, newspapers and flowers. As we got closer to the Border Patrol, they left us alone.
We drove in the desert on the way home and had to stop about one hour into the United States for another Border Patrol check. It was cold outside! The United States Soldiers had heaters blowing on them outside. They had big guns and checked the van. We were clear to go. But a couple other cars were stopped and people had to get out. We drove all night, back to San Diego, California. It was a windy ride home. It was very cold. During the day it was over 100 degrees. On the ride home the van's thermometer read 40 degrees! It was also windy. Big gust of wind would blow across the desert. 
We made it home at 2:00 in the morning April 8th. It was a great experience. We felt good helping others.
That is our story...A day in Mexico...April 7th, 2009.

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