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Monday, April 1, 2013


Today is the opening day of Baseball 2013!
Our family loves baseball. We do not watch baseball on TV, we listen to baseball on the radio.

How many of you have grown up listening to a voice on a radio, that you will never forget?
Bob Uecker is mine. And it is so fun for me to share his voice with our boys.
 We have a local baseball team the Eau Claire Express
We have tons of fun going to the games.
The boys are getting a baseball signed. The players are wonderful to the kids!
Have you hit a 90 mile fast ball?

No, I have not hit a 90 mile fast ball and I have not caught a 90 mile fast ball. I actually think I would try to run from a  90 mile fast ball.

I love watching the catcher giving the signs.
The batter, getting ready.
The crack of the bat and the sound of the catch.  

   Carla's Brewer Baseball  Shake 

Homemade vanilla ice cream, right out of the ice cream maker into the blender
Strawberries, I used our frozen strawberries
Add homemade whip cream on top, with a strawberry or cherry!

Go Milwaukee Brewers!!  


  1. I am so ready for baseball! we are Phillies fans...i know, I know...

  2. Family traditions are a wonderful way to build memories
    Keep up the God work.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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