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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dream Car

 Do you have a dream car?

Is the Chevrolet  Camaro your style?
What color?
Black, Red, Yellow

Do you like to drive with the top down?

Or maybe the Dodge Challenger?

 My son Atticus, getting excited to drive off in this Red Ford Mustang.

 And me sitting in my dream car.
A Ford Mustang has been my dream car.
I love the color black for vehicles. 
A black Ford Mustang for me.

How about you? Do you have a favorite color for a vehicle?
 And what is your dream car?


  1. Hi There......Debby from Cozy Blanket here. Thanks for visiting my post about fairy gardens. I found your post about them. I saw those purses last year. I didn't see them at the Garden Center this year.....too early. I made my mom a fairy garden last year for Mothers Day as well. I love both your blogs. The note cards are adorable. I can tell you have boys....legos. I have 3 sons. I hope to order soon.....soon as I get caught up on heating bills, yuck. I signed up to follow you. My favorite dream car is the VW Beetle. I am on my second....first a red one and now I have a geiko green one. But, I used to have a Mustang so many years ago. ((HUGS))))

  2. Oh Carla. I'm the worst car person. First of all I don't seem to make distinctions between really expensive cars and cheaper versions they all look the same to me. My husband laughed when I mistook our Honda for a Lexus. I don't know what that says about me, but I do have favorite colors. My car is white and I love it.

  3. My dream car is one of those old fashioned Woodies.
    I don't have a favorite colour-maybe red.

  4. I'm not really a car person so I don't have a dream car. You all look so happy checking out the sporty vehicles! It looks like fun!

  5. My late dad and I always loved car shows. I love a black car, too. Maybe a thunderbird~
    I enjoyed your photos!

  6. I remember years ago the old style mustangs I thought were just the very coolest cars on Earth !
    I still think the old style mustangs are very cool:)

  7. It's funny that you should ask, I was just telling my husband yesterday that the RX7 used to make me swoon...now of course I am much more sensible. And have many better things to spend my money on.


  8. What fun pictures! We are motorheads, hard to believe that with my husband driving semi, isn't it?! Lol. He has a 68 Chevelle, and I have 97 Firebird! A couple other "fun" parts cars hanging around the homestead. A Charger, a black one, would be the perfect car for both of us!


High Fives from Wisconsin!