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Sunday, March 23, 2014

God Will Be With Me in the Hard Times

I am the Ground
 I am the ground.
The plow cuts deep, again and again and again!
It cuts away my roots, my desires to be altogether,
my desires to look good.
It turns me over, inside out, till I am a mess of crumbly soil.

The rains come; seed are planted.
I miss the lovely pasture I used to be,
with calves frolicking in the sunshine,
butting heads, coming to me for nourishment.
Here I lie, useless and alone - except for this farmer who constantly runs over me with his tractor, seeding, cultivating. 
I am changing.

I finally recognize the farmer.
Lord, do with me as you choose, for I belong to you.
Plant the seeds, cultivate out the weeds, 
send the sunshine and rain.
Oh Lord of the harvest, may I yield abundantly for you
whatever crop you choose.


By Judith Vander Wege


  1. I absolutely love this Carla....I really needed it right now. I've never heard "I am the ground" but I think it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is beautiful. God is absolutely trustworthy. Thank you for sharing. ~ Nancy


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