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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fairy Garden

How many of you have a fairy garden?
I think they look like so much fun.
I made up a small garden for my mom last year for Mother's Day  .

 Where do you find your Fairy Garden goodies?
What kind of plants do you put into your Fairy Garden?

I am dreaming of Spring!
And I am thinking I will start a Fairy Garden this year.


"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
Margaret Atwood


  1. Very awesome little fairy garden.
    I agree with the Spring quote ~ I do smell like dirt ,
    and occasionally a bit more of the farm yard smells
    ( but that is just between me and you ) . lol

  2. I adore fairy gardens. I have a couple of bloggers who have helped their grandchildren make one. I often see little accessories for miniature gardens at craft stores. I adore what you made for your Mom.

  3. I have a fairy door that a wonderful blogger friend gave to me...and I made it a fairy garden, but the Fir needles keep covering it up...lol.

    Yours is delightful.

  4. I do not have a fairy garden but love that blue and orange combination..they work very well together! Janice

  5. What a sweet fairy garden purse. I've never made one, but would love to someday.

  6. Love the little garden you made for your mom, Carla ~ so sweet! I started a simple fairy garden under the columbine last year, and am hoping to add to it.

    I have a 'Fairy Garden' board on Pinterest where I have pinned ideas, plants & resources. You might find some of the links helpful: http://www.pinterest.com/acottageinwoods/fairy-gardens/


  7. Adorable. I want to make a fairy garden now. Grace would love it.

  8. I have never done one, but I have seen quite a few. I think our children would really like it

  9. So cute! I've never made one of these myself, but I've always loved them. And that quote is true and so perfect :)

  10. I love your fairy garden purse!! I love your quote! I am starting to smell of dirt daily. It feels good! :)

  11. I was just looking at an online catalog and thought of you when I saw these fairy houses:



High Fives from Wisconsin!