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Monday, May 19, 2014

In ♥ Love and Cow Poop

This funny brought back many fun memories for me. I will just say, I know how this guy feels. 

In eighth grade I was in love with the neighbor boy. He lived on a diary farm three and half miles down the road from me. One evening after chores I went along with my dad to go and visit. My dad was busy talking to his dad. I was busy looking at him. And he was busy looking at me. Our dad's decided to go for a walk through the barn. We followed along. We were walking down the barn aisle and one of the cows coughed. And guess what came flying out and landing all over me!! I felt sick. I was covered in HOT, STINKY, GREEN cow poop!! My heart ached as the neighbor boy laughed his head off. My dad and his dad were my knights in shinning armor. They took me in the milk house and sprayed me off. Wrapped me in a towel and we headed home.

How about you?
Have you been pooped on by an animal?

Thankfully, my eighth grade sweetheart never told anyone at school what happened.

Happy Monday!


  1. hahahaha.....sorry to laugh.....but that's funny!! I have never been pooped on like that...lol. Thanks for making me smile....:)

  2. Oh how humiliating! That stinks! LOL No, fortunately I've never had that enviable experience, but I did discover that Jazzie threw up all over my new plush blanket on the bed a few days ago. I mean LOTS. ACK!!!

    So did the romance flourish after that? and is he your husband now? I don't remember J.s background.

  3. Well, at least it wasn't pig, that really stinks, although cow doesn't smell too good either. So how did the romance go after that?


  4. Never had that happen but was kicked by horses many times..and bit. Janice

  5. What a great (and awful!) story!! Plenty of kitties and puppies have gotten me. Even a raccoon once!

  6. Oh noooooo! I have not been around cows enough to know that this could be a problem!

    I've just experienced the normal spit up and leaky diapers from my kids when they were babies.

    Have a good week,

  7. Oh at that age and in front of a boy ( on that you liked even) that must have been terribly embarrassing and awful !
    But we can sue laugh now. I get pooped on by birds occasionally ( they saw it's good luck) ha ha

  8. Carla, that sounds like an awlful experience! Whoever would dream that could/would happen? I only had one incident....walking into the hospital to visit my Dad I think.....and a bird flew overhead and let loose on the shoulder of my hand crocheted poncho. My Dad thought it was hugely funny ...of course. Once when I was a young lass working my first job in a factory....bought myself a pair of 'hush puppy' shoes...and didn't one of the kittens wee in one. That always seemed so unreal that such a thing could happen.....and to me. =) Of course, Dad thought it was very funny! What was wrong with that man?? lol thanks for the memories shared.

  9. Oh dear. But, hey, he lived on a dairy farm and it probably happened to him too.

  10. That was very nice of him not to blab it all over school. It reminds me of a story but I won't tell it here. I'll blog about it and give you credit for jogging my memory.

  11. This story made me laugh. In eighth grade I sat on the edge of the table in the lunch room and the whole table fell apart, right in front of a packed cafeteria, I was mortified. Thank goodness those years are over. Love the photos of your boys, they grow up much too fast.

  12. Oh yuck! I would have fallen out of love with that kid quick for laughing!

  13. Thanks for the (fun) childhood memory! Isn't it nice to know we not only survive such humiliation, but we thrive from it! I have some vague memories of bird poop coming my way, but nothing so vivid!

  14. What a great memory! No doubt, one you will never forget! In my years of growing up on the dairy farm, I can say that didn't happen to me.... thankfully! My only poop memory was back in my early days of driving, I was cruising around the twin cities, thinking I was all cool. I had my window down just a quarter of the way, and a bird flying over let a dropping go, and it hit my window edge perfectly and splattered right into my eye! Wow... Did that ever burn!

  15. Carla...that is such a funny story. So glad I peeked back at your old posts. That is definitely you had to be in the right place at the right time for something like that to happen. You poor thing. At least you can look back on it and laugh about it.


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