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Monday, May 5, 2014


 Are you a fan of spiders?
Not me! 
During my school years many of my friends knew of my fear of spiders.
My friend Carol played a very naughty trick on me. She placed a plastic spider in my locker amongst my books. During a break I went into my locker to switch up books and grabbed the book with the spider. As I brought the book out, I noticed the spider. I screamed so loud and tossed the book up in the air. Everyone laughed, including the teachers...I have a feeling they all  were in on it!
Carol was a dear friend. I quickly forgave her for scaring me so. 

The spider in the photo is a real spider!
Thankfully he does not live at our house, but at my friend Lori's.
 My husband took the photos.
I stood far away.

The spider weaves it, 
Swinging and switching
Her thread, running it
Round its frame,
Closing the last flat
Spaces in, to wait out
Her purpose of flies;

But at dawn, when 
It hangs spangled
With silver water, frail
Crystals of wet light
Caught so neatly and
Needlessly, it is not
Her web, but ours.
Valerie Worth


  1. NO I don't like spiders at all!! I don't mind too much if they are outside making pretty webs but they are not allowed in the house!

  2. No Carla, I do not like spider either!
    You were good to forgive your friend...
    I've noticed little ones out and about here.

  3. I hate spiders. Did I say I hate spiders. I actually got bit by one eralier in the year. My index finger swelled up so bad that I had to go to the doctor...so I have no love loss for them. Janice

  4. I love that, 'My husband took the photos; I stayed far away.' LOL Well, MY husband brought home three black rubber rats tonight and tossed them at me. I'm sure even my neighbors out here in the country heard me scream. I have no idea why he delights in watching me have a fit. So, although spiders aren't my fear thing, I definitely am familiar with the feeling of terror/shock.

  5. I know spiders have a purpose ~
    and I am fine with that as long as they keep their purpose away from me :)

  6. The photo gave me goosebumps, but I do think they are amazing to look at. I had one that looked similar to this, that lived in my tomatoes... 2 years ago, I remember it well. At my pleading to remove him from the garden, my husband insisted that he stay. He was very good for eating up all the bad insects. I will admit that was the best harvest of tomatoes I ever had, but..... he gave me the willies!

  7. John and I were just talking about our "pet" last night!

  8. I have a daughter who is terrified of spiders! I know that scream of terror! I think it is a beautiful spider!:)


High Fives from Wisconsin!