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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Carpet of Trillium's


Large - Flowered Trillium

Family: Lily

Flower: A single white flower wide, grows from a single stalk, 3 white, triangle-shaped, wavy-edged petals are set against 3 pointed, green, petal-like sepals, which look like green petals

Habitat: Rich moist, woodlands, deciduous woods

Along the road that I grew up on was an area that we would call the Carpet of Trillium's. The woods was thick with them, it was simply amazing.
I wanted to get a photo this weekend when we traveled back home. But this Carpet of Trillium's is also on Dead Man's Curve. The road was busy due to the holiday weekend.
Close your eyes and think this entire woods is full of Trillium's.



  1. Many years ago, John and I shared a home with my late mother and trilliums grew alongside the creek.
    Your photo brings back sweet memories.

  2. How gorgeous! I'm not sure if they grow around here!

  3. I saw these wonderful flowers blooming whilst driving the other day near some woods That and may apples. Love both these woodland flowers. Janice

  4. Beautiful! I don't recognize that as a flower I have seen before. When I do though, I will know what it is!

  5. Beautiful Trilliums!
    We had many of these in the forest of Grand Marais.
    I would have to tell the children that they weren't allowed to pick them!


High Fives from Wisconsin!