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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do you have Deer visit your Garden?

I am posting this again. It is a new garden season and we all can use advice. Last garden season we used Marv's Deer Juice recipe faithfully.  We even used it on our potatoes and it killed potato bugs!  We call it the "Wonder Spray" and it is all natural.
Yes, we have deer in the garden. So far they have not eaten anything. We just find their tracks along the gardens edge.
 Our trick of keeping the deer out of our garden has been Marv's Deer Solution or as my husband calls it, Marv's Deer Juice. He also drew the fun deer on the jug. Our boys just laugh and laugh when they look at dad's art work. :-)
If you have deer trouble in your yard or garden, try the following recipe. It has worked well for us.
Marv's Deer Solution
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 TBSP dish detergent
1 TBSP cooking oil
Add everything (except dish soap) whip on high in blender. Let settle, add dish soap, put into a gallon jug, fill remaining with water. Let solution sit in the sun to get stinky.
Spray plants and watch the deer walk past.
You must spray again after a rain and the plants are dry.

Do you have a deer solution that works for you?


  1. This is good to know! We don't have deer but I know a lot of people do and will appreciate this recipe! Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. Oh this sounds great! I have been trying liquid fence on the perimeter. The bunnies are bad too!

  3. Will that work for rabbits? I have a blogger friend who is bothered by rabbits.I'll save this recipe .

  4. Definetely saving this recipe! Not sure if they are visiting yet but maybe? I only had one tulip head this season, someone ate the rest....I think they may be the culprits?

  5. We have deer nearby, but in 21 years in the neighborhood, never seen one in the yard...but never say never, right? Saving!

  6. I don't have deer in my yard but my mom just had a baby newborn fawn in hers. She likes them in her yard. Nic that you posted this recipe again for those who want to rid them of their yard. Janice

  7. I shared this with my mom last year, I will ask her if they have tried it. The deer they have are something else!

  8. You are brilliant. I have been spraying my plants with dish detergent and water in hopes it scares the caterpillars away but then it rains and I have to do it again.

  9. I have a fence thankfully but I can see this could be a godsend to someone else. How very thoughtful of you to share this!

  10. I have used it a lot this year. Saved my tulips. Now I'm trying to save a white lily that they ate last year. It helps a lot.


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