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Monday, January 9, 2012


Today I have been thinking about friends. We have been blessed to have many great friends. It is fun during the Christmas season to receive Christmas cards and Christmas letters from friends you do not see very often, but always hear from during Christmas. It is also fun to think about how a certain friend has helped you or just sat and listened to you vent out about a bad day. I recently had one of those!! I am so blessed to have special people in my life that help me along. I thank God for each one!
Friends are the greatest of God's gifts. John cautions us to love our friends and treat them as children of God. Take time to tell your friend what he means to you!
The above photo is of our friend Bobby Jean. She lives in Montana. We do not get to see her as often as we would like. But the visits we do have are blessings! She is a great story teller and will be sure to make you smile!
To all of our friends....I am sending a big Hug to you!
God Bless!   Happy Monday!!

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