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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Please Snow!

I know some of you would like to hit me for saying, Please Snow! But I can not stand this weather! I am dreaming of skiing. I look out at our ski rack and say to myself, soon, we will be skiing soon! We have to be skiing soon! (We just put our ski's outside last week, hoping it would bring snow) My boys are begging for snow. They have been praying for snow! They are saying winter is NO fun without snow! Help! Maybe a vacation to the Michigan's Upper Peninsula will help? The UP will have snow, right? We are having a mild winter...it is amazing to have the temperatures we are. Most people are very happy about the weather. It is just the strange folks like me, who are complaining. Just teasing! But, I would like snow!


  1. Beautiful photos, Carla, but PLEASE keep those nasty thoughts to yourself! lol I am so enjoying the warmer January and less-than-usual snow. :-)


High Fives from Wisconsin!