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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tin Can Luminaries

The Christmas decorations are coming down and the house may need a little light. I have a fun craft to fill that need. Tin Can Luminaries, they are easy and fun. Our boys loved doing them.
You'll need:
clean empty tin cans
pattern of what you want to draw
permanent marker
hammer and large nail
craft wire
spray paint - your choice of color
tealight candles
Trace your pattern on to the can

Fill your cans with water and freeze. Must be completely frozen.

Remove from freezer and punch dotted lines along designs using a hammer and nail. If hanging the lanterns are desired, punch 2 holes in the rim of the can on opposite sides. Let ice melt and completely dry.

Spray paint can and add handle. Insert the wire into the holes along the rim. Twist the ends to secure.

Place candle in each tin.

Enjoy, on a winters night.  

The boys loved the hammer and nail step to the project. It was a lot of fun.

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  1. 'Boys loved the hammer and nails step to the project.' Now there's a big surprise. LOL I can really see boys getting into that! We have made those before and they were really fun. And so pretty to set out in the dark! Nice job, guys!


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