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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Mom

My Mom
My mom is a gifted seamstress. She created and sewed my wedding dress. She mends several items for the boys. They both are shocked at how fast grandma is at the sewing machine. 
My mom created the following pattern for some pillows. They turned out so lovely! Everyone who has seen them as said how much they like them. They also hinted they would not mind receiving a set.
A fun pillow created by my Mom!

Comfy and Cozy!

Time to get comfy with a book.
As we gear up for Mother's Day on Sunday, does/did your mom have a special gift? Something no other mom could seem to do as good as your mom could?

Celebrating Mom with you all!


  1. My mom has the best gift: she is with her LORD. :-)

    But while she was here with us, she was very organized, talented, and task oriented. Mom got things done. Head of Christian Women's, a Deaconess, Sunday School teacher, gardener, farmer, secretary, etc. etc. and a pretty good mom, although she didn't think it was funny when I tried to get out of trouble by appealing to her sense of humor. :-)

  2. I'm thankful for my mom's seamstress abilities as well. So many of the boys' beloved stuffed animals have been "saved" due to her special hospital care.


High Fives from Wisconsin!