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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blueberry Picking

So what do you think of our nice pail of blueberries? 
It was my idea. During Father's Day weekend I found a beautiful blueberry patch not far my parents farm. During the 4th of July weekend I planned to take the boys berry picking.
Wild Blueberry Pancakes...I was trying to convince them of all the fun by talking to their stomachs.

We get to the patch. It is hot! We had spent the day rafting down the river to stay cool. I now pulled the boys from the water to go berry picking. "Remember, wild blueberry pancakes."

We start to look at my patch and notice tramped down grass. "Mom, I think someone else or something else beat you to the patch!" "Well, lets just start picking what is left, you never know, they may have forgotten a bush."

The sun is beating down on us. Yes, it is hot. I am hot. The boys are really hot. "Mom, I think we are done."
"No, we just got started." I say.

We head over to another part of the patch. "Ouch!" I look down and ants are climbing my leg and biting me.
"Mom! We are getting attacked by ants! We are leaving you. Grandma will make us just good old regular blueberry pancakes."

I stay! Determined to get a nice pile of Wild Blueberries.

Soon I hear "HONK, HONK!"
 Now our boys are very patient. We are blessed with this. But they had it!

So, I leave my patch. Find the boys hotter then hot. I pull the tick off Sam and we head back to Grandma and Grandpa's. They jump in the river to get cool. Then go tell Grandma, what mom made them do for a few Wild Blueberries.

We did have Wild Blueberry pancakes the next morning. Of course, the boys had a story to share. How they fought deerflies, biting ants and woodticks for wild blueberries.


  1. LOL. What we go through for a few blueberries!! I have four blueberry bushes and got exactly ZERO berries because the birds got them first. I had put a net over them, and when i went outdoors, two birds were caught in the net. I felt TERRIBLE and freed them. I decided to purchase blueberries at the farmer's market and let the birds eat mine. lol

    LOVE this post. :-) I'm trying to figure out about 'Circles' as mentioned on Etsy. It's new to me. And I'm going to 'favorite' your store. :-)

  2. That was quite an adventure...all for wild blueberries. I had to chuckle at what you had hoped would be a memorable outing...which, in the end, really did turn out to be memorable, just in an unexpected way :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!