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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I hear

I do not mean to scare you with this photo...please continue to read. 

Things I hear...
We visited our local pumpkin patch this past week. Our local pumpkin patch does a wonderful job of doing field trips. They have a short pollination lesson. A time for the kids to share stories about gardening and what they like about fall.
 Remember the question is "What do you like about fall?" Many answered apple pie, caramel apples and apple crisp. Carving pumpkins, harvesting the garden and playing in the autumn leaves. When it came to this one little girl, she might have been four years old, she stated "Snowdrifts! I like snowdrifts!"
If you are interested in visiting our local pumpkin patch check it out Mommsen's Farm Market
  Happy Fall Y'all!

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