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Friday, September 14, 2012


By Autumn Bednarczyk

Parenting is incredibly hard 
But well worth it when your child gives you a hand made card...

Toddlers run back and forth, like a hurricane with might force. Extremely frustrating it is true
But well worth it when they say, 
"I Love You..."

So mothers and fathers I tell you, cherish every moment...

God is unbelievably proud of you
For raising your children the way He would want you to! 

I am linking up with Lori at Life, Love and Laughter in a Large Family


  1. thanks for joining up with Think Quotes It's Friday. Love the snuggly picture and yes, cherish those precious ones entrusted to us for such a short time.

  2. What a great picture and a sweet post. I still can't believe how fast they grow up and are adults. Boohoo...in a way. =)

  3. amazing to think God has so much faith in us isn't it?!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!