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Friday, December 28, 2012

The last Friday of 2012

On the Road Friday
Can you believe it is the last Friday of 2012?
What a fun year, and we have taken so many trips together.
So here we go on our last Friday of 2012...to Hudson, Wisconsin. We visited Hudson earlier this December, to visit the Octagon House. The Historic Octagon House 
is decorated  for Christmas in late November. It is amazing, well worth the trip. On December 7th, they have Lamp lit tours, music and refreshments. When I say lamp lit, I mean old time lamp light. Beautiful!

Our family also likes to look at houses...we would love to go inside all of them too. Third Street of Hudson, Wisconsin was the street to live on back in 1800's ... lets take a peek at some beautiful homes.
Let me know what one is your favorite.

I liked this one a lot! But it was so hard for me to pick just one.

Sitting inside of the porch was a huge Nutcracker. I loved how he was guarding the door.

What do you think of this style?

I love the porch.

The Historic Octagon House

The house was built for Judge John Shaw Moffat and his wife, Nancy Bennet Moffat, New Yorkers who arrived in Hudson in 1854 with their young daughter, Mary. The Octagon House is a fine example of the novel eight-sided dwelling popular in America in the mid 1800's. Such a house was considered conducive to healthy living as light and air could enter from eight directions.

My other favorite!

My oh my, I love this house.  What do you think, should we knock? Wouldn't be fun to see how it is decorated! Or enjoy a cup of tea in the back room. Just in case you are reading this blog and happen to live here, lets get together for tea, at your place. :)   Okay, now it is your turn, what one is your favorite?  
 To end our last On the Road Friday of 2012...how about some Wisconsin trivia?

How did Hudson, Wisconsin get its name?
Many New Yorkers came to Hudson via the St. Croix River. When looking from the landing it reminded them of the Hudson back in New York. Ta da...Hudson, Wisconsin.

Have a great weekend friends. Thank you for taking a little trip with me to Hudson, Wisconsin.  

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