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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Birthday

 I received the sweetest card from a dear friend, with TWELVE (plus one, she said it was a bakers dozen) gifts...that equaled 12 inside. For example, 1 dozen eggs, a 12 pack of colored pencils, a pack of 12 dish clothes, a 12 pack of rootbeer...you get the idea! My entire kitchen counter was full. 
I loved the card too...
No ordinary day!
No ordinary you!
I can think of at least a "dozen" reasons your'e my friend!

She said her boys ( 12 and 10) had a blast going to the store to help find the 12 things. 
Thank You Lori!

I am wishing all of you a great 12/12/12 day!
Once in a Lifetime date!

Happy Birthday to Amy of While Wearing Heels    ... I just found out her birthday is today too. How fun is that.

Have a great day!  
P.S. My mom made the cake. :)  


  1. How fun and.... sweet!! Happy Birthday to you Carla...=) May the Lord bless you with oh so many more!

  2. I almost felt guilty giving you store-bought 12 grain bread. I hope Jeremy the baker doesn't hold it against me. ; )

  3. Sounds like you had a very blessed Birthday indeed. The 12th of December is by far the most popular birthday in our church...if I'd only known I would have tried to have been born 8 days sooner! God bless you in the new year...and what a clever birthday idea with all of the "12" gifts!
    Keep up the God work.


High Fives from Wisconsin!