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Friday, September 13, 2013

On the Road Friday....Old World Wisconsin part 2

We are back on the road tonight...heading to Old World Wisconsin. This is part two of our road trip to Old World Wisconsin, click here for part one.

Off we go, heading to the German settlement at Old World Wisconsin.
 German homestead...can you see the young lady working outside the house?
 Atticus making a shingle. This is what I loved about Old World Wisconsin, hands on and very kid friendly.
 Tools of the day.
 Sam giving shingle making a try.
 Cute pigs!
 German barn....we all thought this structure was amazing.
 Big, beautiful, black oxen. I was fascinated with the oxen. I continued to think about Laura Ingalls Wilder when the oxen run over the sod house.
 Yes, I wanted to take this fella home. I love sheep. Did you know I use to raise sheep?
 Another view of the German home.
 Inside the barn. Check out the low ceilings.
 The Polish area. I loved how this home was built. The screen door on the side of the home is the chicken coop. The chicken coop is attached to the house. The young lady said she enjoys listening to her chicks talking while she is working.
This is a close up of the logs and how the Polish home was built. I am not sure the name of the style, but I like it. The walls were very thick, so the home stayed very warm during the cold Wisconsin winters.
 Low ceilings in the barns. I remember visiting a farm when I was the boys age with my dad. The farmer was a homesteader to Wisconsin, he was from Switzerland. Guess what kind of cows he had? Brown Swiss! I loved going to visit him with my dad, because he had a different barn to me. It was a low ceiling barn, just like the barns at Old World Wisconsin. 
The other fun memory I have of visiting his farm, the cats would sleep on the cows backs. It was so peaceful in his little barn. The Brown Swiss content  chewing their cuds and the cats sound asleep on the cows back.
Thank you for coming along tonight. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Old World Wisconsin.


  1. Way to go on the shingles!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award, stop by www.FieldsofBasil.blogspot.com to accept and grab a few questions and a badge for your blog.

    Thanks for always sharing.

  2. Oh Carla - what a great post - LOVE these photos!!!
    First you remind me of To Kill a Mocking Bird ( which I'm currently reading )
    AND THEN the Little House series - my all time favorite books when I was little -
    I refer to her often too!
    Much love,


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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