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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

 Pumpkin carving is a favorite Halloween tradition, but where did it come from?
The legend of the Jack O' Lantern stems from many stores in Irish history of a miserable,old drunk named Stingy Jack. He liked to play tricks on everyone!

 On All Hallow's Eve, the Irish hollowed out turnips, rutabagas, gourds, potatoes and beets. They put lights in them to ward off evil spirits and keep Stingy Jack away.
After the Irish came to America in the 1800's, they discovered pumpkins and found they were bigger and easier to carve, thus the birth of the modern-day Jack O' Lantern.
Source: www.pumpkinnook.com
Trick or Treat!


  1. Hmm..interesting. I had no idea. You are always such a great resource for teaching me things!

  2. I didn't know this! Fascinating. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!


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