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Monday, October 21, 2013

The River Is A Museum

 While hiking in the woods last week. We talked aloud and wondered what the Native Americans seen as the walked the woods. Of course Wisconsin would have pretty much been all woods.
On our same hike we found a section of an old railway, glittering in the water and sun in the river below us. We started to think about all the changes a river as seen as well.

Wagon crossings.
Looking back on photos with my Grandpa of the Log Jams on the rivers. Stories he shared about working with the lumber camps.
Cities and towns building up along the shore of the river.
 Dam building.
And so much more.

The river is a museum. Treasure to be found. Flint points, copper axes, pewter mugs, flintlock rifles, shoes, marbles, rubber tires, bicycles and bottles.
Our best finds are fishing tackle. During our spring hikes, after the high water, we will hike along the river bank and look for treasure. We find flip flops, soda cans, Styrofoam coolers and fishing tackle. 
One year we found a lawn chair...still in good shape.

How about you? Do you like to search for treasure on your daily walks?
What is one of your best finds?


  1. Sounds like fun! Beauitful photos! I just love letting the sun hit my face. The boys like searching for ants.

  2. Sounds so fun! I do like to look for treasures on my walks in the woods. If I find a pretty rock, I'm all over it!

  3. We have a beautiful river that flows just a block from our house and I love walking down to it and I do almost every day. I like to look at it and see what has changed. I saw a shopping cart in it one day, so sad, but then another day I saw a beaver! What a delight that was!


High Fives from Wisconsin!