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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Still Blooming

It is October, right? Usually, Northwest Wisconsin has been hit by a hard frost. And I would have already cleaned out my garden. But not this year! This year will go down in the record books.

October 9th! And still blooming pretty!
Bumble Bees are still buzzing.

We are still picking and eating cherry tomatoes.

My son Atticus loves to eat cherry tomatoes. He usually cleans off the plant before I can pick any. :-) We call him "The Bear".

God is so fun! Flowers blooming, cherry tomatoes and fresh lettuce in October. In Wisconsin!! Have a great day my friends.


  1. And in South Dakota the roses are still going strong.

  2. I know isn't it kinda great the PNW and Ne England are both still blooming :)

  3. Awesome! We're still getting some blooms and veggies, too, but here in MO we can usually stay fairly warm into October. But for Wisconsin, it does seem out of the ordinary!

  4. Thank goodness. After the never ending winter you had, you deserve a few extra days of blooming!


High Fives from Wisconsin!