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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thrifty Finds...my dry spell finally ended

Thrifty Finds...let me tell you who is the Queen of finding fun stuff, Heather at Our Life In a Click
Every time she posts a find,I always comment back that  I need to go shopping with her.

Some of her good luck must have passed into the computer and up on to me. I found the most story telling set of dessert dishes and mugs.

 Look close and you will see the story of a snowman coming to life.

 On the back of the mug and plate it reads...
Distributed by Carson Pirie Holding and Affiliates
Christmas Village 2002

None of that really matters to me. I just love the snowman story.

 I found this set on December 20th.
We had family and friends stop in during the week of the holidays, so I was excited to show off my dessert set. And I got to say, I got this fun set for $2.50!!

I am hoping that Heather's good luck stays with me.

Have you had any luck with thrifty finds?



  1. Those are SO cute, Carla! I was hoping to find you at the Hodgepodge today. Maybe next week? :-))

  2. Carla they are so cute. I love the snowman story. Just perfect timing you finding them. And what a bargain.

  3. What a great find and so cheap. I would have pick them up too if I would have found them.
    I have found so many many things at thrift shops and I always wonder why people gets rid of perfectly good articles, some are like new and some were never used. I have saved a bundle over the years.

    Enjoy you new coffee mug set.

  4. These are adorable! And because they are not Christmas, they are suitable all winter! xoox

  5. Pass some of that thrifty luck to me! ;) Super cute!

  6. Those are so cute!!! Plus nice and bright on these cold and dreary days.

  7. That is SUCH a cute set of dishes. I just love them. No thrifting here- I am housebound still. xo Diana

  8. I'm glad some of my thrifting mojo rubbed off on you. I would have definitely scooped that set up! You're so lucky to find a full set too. I love when plates go together but aren't all identical!! It's nice that you can use them all winter too...not just for Christmas! I miss thrifting. I need to get back out and go!! Thanks for the shout out. :)

  9. Sweeeeeet! What a great find, loving the theme, it will go great with some hot choco all winter long. Did you know they make snowman shaped marshmallows now?

  10. We dont have thrift stores around here..I usually get some good finds at picks we do for the store or at auctions. Cute snowman story on cups and plates. Janice

  11. Salute Lee adore these! What a huge score! I do love going to thrift stores in our area in finding different treasures, I haven't been in a while but hopefully an the next free day I have I will find something fabulous :-) I can't Believe that you found the set on December 20th!!! Amazing score :)

  12. Okay by comment above? It should say I absolutely adore these! Love that auto correct ;)

  13. The plates & mugs are wonderful! Carson Pirie Scott is a large dept. store in Chicago and the suburbs. I don't know if they are located anywhere else. Great find!!

    1. Hello Chris,
      Thank you for the information regarding Carson Pirie Scott.
      I am so excited about this find. :-)
      I love how cheery they make Winter feel. And they remind me of when my sister and I would build snowmen as kids.

  14. That is a fun set! Just adorable.

  15. They really are the cutest! What a great find and fabulous price! I haven't shopped at the thrift stores much lately. Still trying to clean my house up! lol (from too much thrifty stuff!) But these would have been tempting! Hugs!

  16. Adorable! I have never seen a set of dishes that tells a story! My mom would love these, she has an addiction to dishes :) And no, I am not one of the lucky ones at finding thrifty treasures, but I should try a little more and maybe turn that luck around!

  17. A fabulous find, Carla. It's so fun that the dessert set tells a story. $2.50? Outstanding! xxx ~ Nancy


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